Tuesday, February 03, 2009


  1. I just finished putting Sweet and Sour Pot Roast in the crock pot. Can't wait until I can begin to smell it - this one's a keeper. SO yummy.
  2. Barely slept a wink last night. Finally got up at 2:30 to take some MidNite. Didn't help a bit. Got up around 4:00 and watched an old DVR'd episode of Grey's Anatomy... fell asleep on the couch for a bit, but I'm positively rummy today. The kids got themselves off to school while I laid on the couch trying to stay awake. Good kids.
  3. Kyler got his hair cut over the weekend. Shorter than it's been in years. Somehow, less hair makes his head look bigger. Explain that one...
  4. Bible study tomorrow. I've been meeting since last fall with a sweet group of ladies from church every two weeks. We're the 'old' ladies at church, meaning we're past 30. SO many young people go to our church, we all felt the need to have a group we could meet with that would understand our unique set of struggles and triumphs we share at this age. It certainly fills a void for me - and I'm enjoying getting to know them all a little better.
  5. Still walking. I've discovered the key to accomplishing a daily goal like this for me: a journal. I bought a silly little pink daily calendar - like one you would keep in your purse - and every day I write when and where I walked. And here's the deal: I really don't want a blank day in that little book. So I've walked EVERY day.
  6. I saw Slumdog Millionaire while I was in Anaheim with Kathy. I'd never heard of it - but she really wanted to see it so we went one evening after the show closed. WOW! What a great movie. I hate to jump on movie bandwagons, but this one's SO good. You simply must go see it if you haven't.
  7. Gracie's had a little hitch in her getalong the last week or so... if I take her for too long a walk, she limps afterwards... hoping she's not going to have hip problems often associated with larger dogs. We shall see. We're managing to keep it under control by limiting her exercise right now, but I'm concerned. She's only 3 1/2 years old... seems young to have to deal with something like that already.
  8. I'm REALLY not a fan of instant mashed potatoes, but I had some really good coupons and combined with a sale, got a bunch for some insanely cheap price - like twenty cents a box the other day. I picked up a couple boxes of Betty Crocker Instant Mashed Sweet Potatoes while I was at it... and oh my grief - I'm in love. I made a pouch for myself while the rest of the family was having regular (nasty) instant potatoes. They were SO good. I've got to check the nutritional label before I decide if I'm going to eat them as much as I want to, but sheesh, they're good.
  9. I'm reading The Mysterious Benedict Society - recommended by Kyler... it's a fun, no brainer, kid lit adventure book - good for my tired brain.
  10. Happy Tuesday friends - how are you? Not hearing from many of you lately...


  1. 1. We call this Sauerbraten!
    2. I always pray for everyone I know at such times. Does not help with the sleep but is at least productive.
    3. Probably how vertical stripes makes one look slim where as horizontal, well, we will not go there...
    4. PTL
    5. Gas prices still high?
    6. ?????
    7. Dog? Same name as my grand-daughter and she is not the best walker either!
    8. I love the convenience of dehydrated potatoes. As long as you are not allergic to bismuth bi-sulphide - the preservative they use.
    9. Try Louis Lamour's, Silver Canyon. Good read!
    10. Always loved Roy and Dale singing to me every afternoon: Happy Trails to you, until we meet again....

  2. Boxed mashed potatoes? Really?

    Hi Cathy. I'd love to linger over coffee with you.

  3. Anonymous7:31 PM

    I'm still here loving reading about your life. You are inspiring me to walk as well. I hit the big 4-0 in May so would like to be in better shape for then.
    Blessings, Leana

  4. Hey Cathy! Great to see ten today!!! As far as Garcie's limp - next time she is at the vet have them check her knee. Our boxer mix has started with a torn ACL...we have to limit her running, and sharp cornering that she does..no more chasing balls for our girl and she is only 4. According to our vet it is the most common surgery she does. We are hoping to avoid as long as possible! The vet told us to give her baby aspirin for the pain. Hope she is better soon!

  5. PS - recipe for the roast please?

  6. Andi - if you click on the words "Sweet and Sour Pot Roast" in the post - it's a link to the recipe!!!

  7. Thank you thank you!!!

    Ps I found a Perogi Soup recipe on a nother site that may give you an option for those dehydrated potatoes..the thousand soup site is on my blog.

  8. Happy birthday to you!!!!


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