Tuesday, February 24, 2009


  1. Like Quiznos subs? Go here for a coupon for a free one!
  2. Like Jack in the Box tacos? Go here! (Two free tacos Tuesday, February 24th only.) (I used to live on Jack in the Box tacos.)
  3. Speaking of Quiznos and Jack in the Box, I got hired by Weight Watcher's last week - first to be a receptionist, then 24 hours later, to be a leader! I've got oodles of paper work to fill out and a training in Portland in early April. Come May, I'll be leading my own meeting!
  4. Savannah's been fighting laryngitis this week - she was home from school yesterday and has been running a low fever for a few days. Hope none of the rest of us catch it. We've been so healthy so far this winter. ***knock on wood***
  5. Watch here for the addition of 'Paper Amour'. It's my new gig designing and blogging for Memory Box - a wonderful rubber stamp and paper company out of Seattle. My blog should be up and running in the next couple of days.
  6. So yes, when you add Weight Watchers and Memory Box to my already two job life, I'm up to four jobs. What recession?
  7. Four jobs, three of which allow me the flexibility to make my own schedule means I've got to make my own schedule. I actually have to schedule in work time - and I've got to make it work with my regular life of raising three kids and all that entails. It's a little teeny bit crazy - but at least I'll have something to do during all those sleepless nights I'm blessed with.
  8. Got my hair cut over the weekend. It's above my shoulders for the first time in a couple of years. I just felt the need for something new... not sure how much I like it. I'll be growing it back out for sure. I like the style, I just like myself better with longer hair... but it's something fresh and different and it's fun to style it in a new way for a change.
  9. We're all loving Wii Fit. I'm actually sore. It's loads of fun though. I'm aiming to do 30 minutes every day.
  10. Time for the shower... happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. Picture of your hair, please !
    Sounds cute.

  2. Lorraine4:06 PM

    Wow, four jobs. I have none and haven't worked since before Christmas. Wondering what our future holds. Steve had his salary significantly cut back starting next month so we are a bit, ahem, needing to trust. God is good. That I DO know.

    Yes, pictures please.

  3. I've been doing Wii fit for 30 days straight so far. Lost 8 lbs. Who'd a thunk that a video game would be the key to getting in shape?

  4. Don't forget free Arby's. http://tr.im/gMoP


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