Friday, March 20, 2009

In celebration of spring

Early spring in Spokane isn't really very spring-ish.
There are no flowers blooming.
The grass is brown, where you can see it beneath the snow.
Yes, there is still snow out there.
But today, I'm celebrating.
Because the spring will come.
The flowers will bloom.
My dogwood will recover from being buried up to it's neck all winter and flush out in the most brilliant pink.
The daffodils will push up through the frozen ground and be bright and yellow next to my garage.
The sun will eventually be paired again with it's companion, warmth.
I will walk through these last grey days Spokane - and while winter tries to assert itself past it's expiration date, I defy it.
Today, it is spring.

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  1. I can't wait for spring to arrive in newfoundland. Alas, we had a pretty big snowstorm yesterday. Even if it's not spring outside, I guess you can still have a bit of spring in your heart :)


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