Monday, March 16, 2009

New table

We have been looking for a new table since we finished remodeling our kitchen.
Over three years ago.
We finally found one.
I love it. It feels really grown up.
I was SO over the oak table we bought when the kids were little. It was so thrashed.
We found this one at World Market.
It's makin' me happy today.


  1. Ooooh, that's pretty, Cathy!
    It took Mike and I two years to find a lamp in our first apartment. But we were looking for the perfect lamp and didn't want to settle :0)

  2. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Love the table. Glad you waited and really got what you wanted.
    Blessings, Leana

  3. Beautiful !! I love it.

    Lorraine and I went davenport/chair looking this weekend when we were up there. Now studying and contemplating fabric samples etc....

  4. I had to come find this old post, because we're looking for a new table & chairs and I remember loving yours! We have one of those oak pedestal ones (14 years old and thrashed), and with the leaf in it, it's so unstable my two-year-old can hang on the edge and tip it over! Not good.

    I can't find your exact set on the World Market site. Do you think it was discontinued?

    I've been looking on CL for a set, but I'm not finding anything I really like, and it seems like the prices of the ones I do like are more than what we would pay new at World Market! I think I need to find one that's already "distressed" since the look is bound to be enhanced around here. ;)

  5. Melissa - I was going to send you an email and for some reason I've lost your email address... hope you'll check back to see my reply!

    I think they did discontinue our set... I was just at the store the other day and didn't see it there. But they have SO many great sets - you should be able to find something similar. I still REALLY love mine. It's SO solid.

    I love distressed too, for the same reason. The only thing I really tried to stay away from from any table with any sort of groove in the tabletop. (Like planks with grooves between them.) I can't imagine getting food out of those skinny little grooves. What a nightmare!

  6. I don't have your email anymore either! Mine's my last name with an 's' on the end at gmail. Send me a message so that I have yours again!

    I hear you about the grooves. I really love the look of the planked Verona, but many of the reviewers talked about stuff getting in the grooves. Most of them indicated it was worth having the table even though they had to vacuum it every day (!), but I know what it would end up looking like here. Blech!

    I never get up there since I live in the valley, but I need to make a trip soon. There's one set that's on sale right now for $599, which probably means it's a close-out.


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