Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Sunday thoughts

  • I really cannot stand mispronunciation. Like when someone calls Mod Podge 'modge podge'. It makes me cringe and want to scream. I never correct strangers who make mispronunciation mistakes, but I really want to.
  • Or when people add an 's' to something - like "I need to go to Safeways because they're having a good sale on bananas this week." Yikes. I hate that.
  • We woke up to 2 inches of snow on the ground this morning. Seriously. Could someone just tell the weather that it's Spring?
  • So it's Spring Break here this week. Usually the kids and I head over to Astoria for Spring Break... but not this year. I'm already missing it. I have to be at Weight Watcher's training on Thursday and it was just too much to try to fit in a quick trip. I had to say no to our annual trek. Boo-hoo.
  • That said, I am going to take the kids across the border to beautiful Coeur D'Alene tomorrow - where we'll stay in a hotel and see a movie and go out to dinner and make merry in the Idaho panhandle. Hey, it's something. Anything to change it up and get out of town for a bit.
  • Every time I see Carrie Underwood, I am just blown away by her Barbie doll beautiful-ness. Wow.
  • I told you this would be random.
  • I made the mistake of going back and reading posts from a year ago the other night. Did you realize that we are getting really close to the one year anniversary of saying goodbye to Tejan? April 20th. It's looming large in my heart... so I went back and read after everyone had gone to bed. And cried and cried and cried. It's so hard to mark the time this way - because it doesn't seem possible that it's been a whole year. And it makes me have all kinds of strange feelings about returning to my normal life in the past 12 months... I'm processing, for sure. Tough stuff.
  • I have walked every single day so far this year. It's been amazing - and good for my heart and my brain and my sanity. I LOVE my walk.
  • I went to a Weight Watcher's staff meeting yesterday. The funny thing? Every single person that I told I was going to Leader's Training this week said "Oh, you'll have fun - they feed you really well there." Doesn't that seem counter-productive? And silly?
  • Every Spring Ethan gets sick. A fever for a couple days, then a couple days without. Runny nose. Bloody nose. Another fever. And every year, I forget that he always does this every Spring and that it means it's time to start his allergy medicine. As soon as I do, he gets better. But not until I've kept him home from school several days and worried about him, wondering what's wrong and why he gets such a strange combination of symptoms. Maybe one of these years I'll remember and actually avoid the couple of weeks of illness.
  • I love chocolate covered pretzels.
  • And now I'm out of random things to write.


  1. Sorry I didn't say hello on your last post before you posted this one! Busy here too!!
    Can't believe it's been a year and look what you did this past year??!!
    I love Chocolate covered pretzels too. =)

  2. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Maybes Weights Watchers wills serves chocolates pretzels at your trainings.

    Thought I'd add some 's' cause you like em.


  3. Such a funny dad you have!

    I'm so with you on #1 & #2. And how about when people add the in front, such as, "I bought those over at the Wal-Mart." Or maybe that should be the Wal-Marts.

    I can't believe it's nearing a year since Tejan left. I pray God will grant you comfort and peace and clarity as you process what you're feeling.

    And maybe "feeding you really well" translates to "feeding you really yummy stuff that's also really healthy." One can only hope. ;)

  4. Can't say I have ever seen chocolate pretzels at BLS (Basic Leader Training) but it's been several years since I have attended. At staff meetings they mostly have fruit and healthy foods and often the recipes as they are low point recipes. But it all depends on your territory manager.
    We will miss your visit terribly. Won't seem like spring without it.
    We had so much fun last year with Tejan here. We miss him too!

  5. There is apparently a couple in Boise who looks just like you and your man. And they were out last night walking Gracie. I almost wrecked my car when I saw them! I had to talk myself out of believing it was you. Very Very Weird.
    Miss you, friend.


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