Tuesday, April 28, 2009


  1. I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of my busy-ness. Not that I'm anywhere near the end of the tunnel - but I know it's out there... I'm actually beginning to soak in the knowledge that in less than two months, I'm going to have an unusual amount of free time and may actually get to apply some creative energy to my own personal projects. Can you even imagine?
  2. Tejan always used to say "Can you imagine, Auntie Cathy?" I totally got my tendency to say that from him.
  3. I cannot find my passport. I have been looking for it for weeks in anticipation of a trip to visit Corey next month. I know I had it when I got back from Sierra Leone, because they let me enter the country in Houston. But I can honestly say that was the last time I remember seeing it - or the purple document envelope in which I stored all my important papers for the trip... I really really want to find it. If you believe in prayer, would you toss one up for me that I can find it?
  4. I have two weeks left of leader mentor trainings for Weight Watchers and then I'll start leading my own meeting. I'm impressed with the throroughness of their training and really ready to jump in and get going. I start working on Tuesday at a meeting out in the valley as a receptionist...
  5. The kids and I are looking forward to Bloomsday on Sunday. Kyler is joining us this year. I doubt Asia will ever do it with us, seeing as how he hates crowds and a road race with over 40,000 participants is his worst nightmare.
  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the layout I did for my Memory Box blog yesterday.
  7. Guess what I'm reading now? (Click to find out!)
  8. American Idol. Let's talk. While I admire Adam's sheer talent, I'm really really tired of his screeching. Does he really have to do that in every song? I absolutely adore cutie-pie Kris - but my favorite from week one has been Danny Gokey. And tonight he was just amazing. I'll be adding that little ditty to my ipod, for sure.
  9. Yikes - it's 10:48! I'm off to bed. But hey - I posted! Yay for me!
  10. Happy Wednesday (since I'm assuming ya'll aren't going to be reading this tonight!)


  1. Lorraine8:33 AM

    Your layout page sure looks great. You are a patient woman!

  2. Will be praying for you to find your passport.
    The older I get the more God helps me find lost items. This weekend I got my WW lesson all laid out early and the skeleton of my flipchart done but not the MEAT of the lesson. Got super busy including being in Portland yesterday and at Bible Study last night. I leave for my mtg around 2 or 2:30 today and I have an 11 o'clock hair appt SO first thing this am got out my flip chart to finish up the details AND my notes were Gone. Not just gone but GONE ! I couldn't find them anywhere. Finally after a frantic search and then a frantic call "upstairs" there they lay right beside the telephone where the page had been flipped to write a message from someone. WHEW!
    He is always there to help in times of need!


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