Thursday, April 02, 2009


We woke up to four new inches of snow this morning... this chart is from Monday - so now I imagine our total for this year will be close to 97 or 98 inches. They measure it at the airport, which is at a lower elevation than our house, so it's always less out there...

I say we should just go ahead and get 100 inches. Why not? At this point, we might as well try.

And THEN spring can come.


  1. I am seriously and honestly totally feeling very sorry for you. I would be in a deep deep depression by now.

    Hoping spring arrives very soon there!

  2. Gee, we have had less than a centimeter total this past winter! Of course a few miles south and they are into record breaking this year! But, I can remember in my teenage years walking the streets of Basle in approx 25".....

    Hope the kids like snow. Do they get snow days?


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