Monday, May 11, 2009

My little writer

Savannah wrote this for a homework assignment the other day. She was only required to write three paragraphs.
I think someone else in this house enjoys writing...
The Box
By: Savannah Goins

One sunny afternoon after school, I look out the window and see our UPS delivery guy, (Kenny) walking up to our front door. And of course, my dog Gracie starts barking like crazy, as always. My mom asks, “Savannah, why is Gracie barking?”
“It’s just Kenny.” I say, smiling and waving at him as he drops the package on our front porch. As I open the door and look down at the package, I realize that it’s addressed to me. So I pick it up and I start walking to my room. As I walk past my mom’s work room she says, “Who’s the package for?”
“It’s for me?!?” I say, looking as puzzled as she does.
“Ok, then, maybe you won a contest or something.”
“Maybe, I’ll be in my room.”
“Ok, then.” As I walk back to my room, my dog Gracie looks up at me, her tail wagging and her eyes sending the message of “Take me for a walk! Please??”
“Sorry Grace, not now.” I pat her on the head and walk back to my room, as I try to close my door.
“Hey little sis,” My older brother Kyler says, pushing the half closed door back open, “What ya got there?” he says, gesturing toward the box.
“A package! DUH!! What else does it look like, stupid?”
“Whoa! Feisty! Does someone need a hug?” He says pulling me into him, my face squished. I feel a tug on the box and it releases out of my fingers.
“Hey!! Give it back!”
“I guess you’ll just have to get it!” He says darting out of my room.
“MOM!!” I yell,
“Kyler, leave your sister alone.”
“You're no fun!” he says.
“Whatever, go down to your room and wish you had a girlfriend!” I say laughing and walking back to my room, my door actually closing this time. I sit on my bed and look the package over. I realize that it’s covered in tape. “I’m gonna need some scissors.” I say to myself. I look around and see a pair of scissors sitting on my dresser. As I stand up the box falls out of my lap and after it hits the floor I hear a rattling noise coming from it. Thinking it’s just my imagination, I grab the scissors and start opening the package. I see for the first time the word “FRAGILE” printed in tiny letters on the side of the box. “Whoops,” I think out loud. Then I hear the rattling noise again. “What ever is in there better not be alive.” I say. I slowly open the box and dump out a box. How funny, a box inside a box. Then I open that box and something jumps out at me.
“AAHHH!!” I scream! There's a turtle right in front of my face.
“AAHHH!!” It screams.
“AAHHH!” I scream again, realizing that a turtle had just screamed.
“AAHHH!” It screams again.
“Savannah, are you alright?” I hear my mom yell.
“Yeah, I say, covering the turtle’s mouth. (I never thought I would do that.) “Sorry, I thought I saw a mouse. It was just a toy.” I lie.
“Ok.” she says, ending our conversation.
“I have a turtle, in my room, that can scream.” I think out loud.
“I can talk too.!” It says.
“Huh?” I say, about ready to faint.
“Yup!” The turtle says, clear as day, except this day wasn’t very clear.
“So, do you have a name or something?” I say, staring at it.
“Well DUH! What turtle doesn’t?” I stare at her, ( well I guessed it was a her because it sounded like a girl turtle. Not that I’ve ever heard a female turtle talk. )
“My name’s Milo.” I keep staring.
“Hello?” she says jumping on my head.
“Hu, bu, you, turtle, talk?”
“Uh, yeah, you’ve never seen a turtle talk before?”
“Uh, NO!! Who has?”
“Everyone on planet Glorg has.”
“Well, If you haven’t noticed, we’re NOT on planet Glorg!” I say, panting hard.
“But, why am I here exactly?”
“Don’t ask me! You were the one delivered to my doorstep!”
“But, NOOOOO!” Milo says, starting to hyperventilate.
“But, what?”
“It can’t be!”
“What can’t be?” I say, getting a little worried myself.
“This is impossible!”
“WHAT’S IMPOSSIBLE?” I say, really getting scared now.
“Ha, ha, ha, ha ha!!”
“I’m, ha! Ha!” Milo says wiping her eyes. “I’m just practicing my acting skills.”
“Good, huh? I was taking an acting class back on Glorg.”
“No, not good! You really scared me!”
“Yeah, I could tell, your face was sooo pale!! Ha! Ha! I got you good!”
“Wait, but why are you here?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well, don’t you think we should find out?”
“Ok then, let’s go.”
“Go where?”
“I don’t know, well, let me think.”

5 minutes later...

“The box!! It had to have come from a certain address.”
“Finally! I was starting to fall asleep over here.”
I grab the box and look for an address.
“Mmmm.” I say. “Ah ha! Here it is. 459 Durella Street, San Francisco CA.”
“Wait, San Francisco?”
“Is that the place with all of the tall buildings?” Milo says.
“Well, it’s one of the many cities with big buildings.” I say.
“Oh, well, there was some other stuff in the box that was in another box inside the box that I was in. Get it?”
“Wait, so you mean there’s another box?”
“Well, what was in it?”
“I don’t know, lets find out.” Then I grab the box off the floor and grab the box inside the box. I open it up and there’s a whole bunch of $100 bills. My jaw drops.
“What, it’s just paper. What’s so special about it?”
“Um, this isn’t just paper, you see, on Earth this 'paper' is valuable.”
“Oh, I get it.”
“Sure you do. But how are we gonna convince my mom to let me go to San Francisco?”
“Do you have any Glorgians in San Francisco?”
“What you people on Earth call, I think “relatives.”
“Milo, you're brilliant!” I say kissing the turtles head.
“I am? I mean, I am! Wait, why am I brilliant?”
“Because my Great Aunt Flo lives in San Francisco! But how will my mom ever let me go?”
“Leave that to me!” Milo said.
“How are you gonna get my mom to let me go to San Francisco?”
“Watch and learn. I need the phone.”
“Here.” I say, grabbing it.
“How do you make this number private?”
“Oh that’s easy. Press *67.”
“Cool, what’s your moms cell number?”
“Wait, I thought you were from planet Glorg, how do you know so much about cell phones and human stuff?”
“I’ve been here long enough.”
“Call now, questions later. Now, her cell?”
“555, 0123”
“Thank you.” Ring. Ring. I hear my mom’s cell phone ringing in the next room.
“Hello?” She says.
“Hello deary. This is your Great Aunt Flo.”
“Aunt Flo, Wow! I haven’t heard from you in a long time! You sound different.”
“Well, you know, even old people’s voices change. Hee Hee.”
“Ok, then, what can I do for you?” My mom says, sounding a little suspicious.
“I would love it if Savannah could come and stay with me this weekend.”
“Why exactly?”
“I, um, want her to learn how to become a young lady at this 2 day camp.” I cross my fingers.
“Ok, well, where would she get the money?”
“Oh, I could pay for it deary, I’ve been planning this for a long time.”
“But you're all the way in San Francisco. That would cost at least $500 round trip for the plane ride. Are you sure you want to pay that much for only 3 days?”
“Oh yes, I’m quite lonely these days. And I could only pay for one of you to come and I thought me and Savannah could catch up.”
“I’m sure she would be pleased to come. Tell you what, I’ll talk to her and I’ll call you back.”
“All right deary. Ta Ta.”
“Bye-bye.” my mom says and hangs up the phone.
“She’s coming! Quick hide under my covers!” I quickly grab a magazine from my headboard start to read.
“Knock knock.” My mom says opening the door.
“Thanks for knocking, unlike Kyler!” We both laugh.
“So, I just off the phone with Great Aunt Flo and she said that she wants you to come and spend the weekend with her to go to this 2 day camp to learn how to become a lady.”
“Wow! Sounds fun! I’ll pack my stuff!”
“Whoa! Slow down there! We need to talk about this. Now she said that she would pay for it and if you do go then you need to thank her! It will cost her $500 dollars!”
“Wow that is a lot! Ok I’ll pack my stuff, I’m leaving in 2 days, so better get ready. Thanks for letting me go mom, you’re the best! Bye!” I say pushing her out of the room, a puzzled look on her face.
“Yes! It worked!” I say pulling the covers off. “How did you do that?”
“Do what?”
“How did you make her believe you, and how did you know so much about her?”
“Oh yeah, I kinda forgot to mention this.”
“ Mention what?” I say.
“ Um, I’m from the future. And in the future, Earth becomes planet Glorg and everyone becomes talking turtles and um, I’m, I’m,-”
“You're what?”
“ I’m you from the future!”

I woke up in a cold sweat, it’s 2:30 in the morning. It was all just a dream.

The End


  1. Lorraine10:50 AM

    Savannah, you are awesome! A perfect story all the way around. Keep writing.

  2. Grandma11:44 AM

    Savannah, What an imagination ! Great Job...
    loved the play by play action! And the drama of what happens next.

  3. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Maybe this will help use up some of your words you get each day! Ha Ha

    Grandpa Carson

  4. Love it.. I'd love to read more from this lovely author some day. :)


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