Tuesday, May 05, 2009

One tired chickie...

Want to see my schedule from the last few days?

Thursday, April 30th
Work at Apropos 9:45 - 2:00
Go to the kids' school to work on school newspaper for 1/2 hour
Pick up Savannah at 2:30 for a Dr. appointment
Go straight from Dr. appointment to Kyler's track meet
Home from track meet at 6:00
Feed the family, do dishes, fold clothes, take my walk, go to bed

Friday May 1st
Take my walk after I get the kids off to school
Work at Apropos 9:45 - 4:30
Go straight from Apropos to a Weight Watcher's training from 5:00 - 7:30
Back to Apropos - work until 11:00 at the crop night.

Saturday, May 2nd
6:45 am Arrive at a Weight Watcher's meeting to work
8:15 am Still at WW - now in official mentoree mode - week three of leader mentoring
11:00 Home - pick up Savannah and Ethan and head downtown to pick up our Bloomsday race packets, then to the grocery store
1:00 Home again - make goodies for a party we're attending later
3:30 Leave for the party - celebrate with our friends the Tesariks
6:00 Leave the party - drive straight to the Spokane Arena for a Spokane Shock game. Asia won tickets at his last poker night - a FUN family night!

Sunday, May 3rd
9:00 am  Arrive downtown for Bloomsday. Kyler, Savannah, Ethan and I walk 7.46 miles
11:15 Asia picks us up - we go to Sonic for lunch. A burger never tasted so good.
12:00 Home. Laundry. A nap. Nurse my blisters.

Monday, May 4th
9:00 Go to kids' school to work on newspaper - send it to the printer
9:45 Arrive at Apropos - work until 2:00
Go home, let dog out, then go pick up Ethan and Kyler for their annual well-child checks at the doctor
4:00 Home - make dinner, do laundry, blog for Memory Box, walk to the grocery store with Savannah, study my Weight Watchers materials, talk to Asia, go to bed.

Tuesday, May 5th
9:00 answer a phone call from a friend who needs counseling - talk as long as I can - then rush out the door to take Savannah her sack lunch she forgot
10:00 Make handouts for an evening class
11:00 Leave for Weight Watchers meeting - work until 1:30
2:00 arrive at Apropos - work until 5:00
Go home, feed the kids, gather my supplies, then back to the store at 6:00 to teach my evening class
9:00 Home from class. Put kids to bed. Take my walk. Call my husband. Crash on the couch. Blog.


  1. WOW ! When are you done at Apropos? That will help...

  2. Lorraine2:44 PM

    Can I just say I'm glad I'm not you right now. Hang on tight! Good thing you have a supportive husband and kids.

  3. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I cannot believe that you are seriously upset about working 30.25 hours over five days. Cry me a river. You don't even have to work, you chose to do this to yourself. Meanwhile in the real world there are women out there who do not have the luxury of being able to stay home with their kids and who have to work more than 40 hours a week and still manage to be there for their kids and make dinner every night, not just one out of five nights.
    You have nothing to complain about because you live on easy street. Maybe if you spent less time going on with the "woe is me" routine, you wouldn't be so tired.

  4. Wow, anonymous.

    I can't believe you took the time to add up my hours.

    And in case you didn't notice, I didn't complain in my post. All I did was state facts. I use my blog as a record of my days - my schedule, my thoughts, my life.

    If you don't like it, you're welcome to click onto the next blog.


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