Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thoughts on marriage.

Asia and I do a lot of pre-marital mentoring with couples from our church.

After a session with these couples, I always find myself overflowing with gratitude.

Thankful for my husband and how the years have shaped us into the people - the family - we are today.

While it's still hard for me to swallow that somehow we became the 'older, wiser' couple who can now mentor others, I acknowledge that we have come a long way. Over the almost seventeen years we've been married, we've settled into what I consider a very sweet, comfortable rhythm.

I know this man.

And he knows me.

We seldom fight anymore. We can predict each other's behavior with uncanny accuracy. And we become better friends with each passing year...

Tonight when we go to bed, I know his hand will rest on my hip - like it always does.

And I will go to sleep with a thankful heart.

Thankful for this man God gave me.

Thankful for the way our rough edges have been made smooth over the years.

Thankful for each and every day I get to be by his side.

I'm a lucky girl.


  1. Lorraine9:21 AM


  2. I hear ya! I cherish the relationship we have now after all these years. Finally I think emerging out the other side a bit smoother! :) I struggle with the "older and wiser" portion as well, in our marriage as well as accepting that I am that "older and wiser" mom in the nursery now, giving advice to the young moms. Ack!

  3. An almost 49 year ditto here !

  4. THis is such an encouragement for me. I hope the Lord will bless our marriage in years to come as He has yours :)


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