Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A photo a day all summer long - days two and three

So after trying ALL last night and today to get a WONDERFUL video that Savannah made uploaded and onto the blog, I've given up and will now post two pictures instead of one video and one picture.
But I'm frustrated. Because her video was SO sweet.

Alas - technology hates me.

And so it goes.
So here you go. Pictures.
A project I made for my Memory Box blog... I've been working hard to get entries written and scheduled to post while we're on vacation next week...

My newly painted house. It's almost finished. I'm SO happy with the colors and feel like I'm pulling up to a new house every time I pull into the driveway...


  1. I painted my house 2 years ago, and it's the same color as yours. You'll feel right at home!

  2. LOVE THE TRIM !! Really sets it off .....


I love it when people talk back...