Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Tonight is the last school night of the year.

As I prayed with my kids, I had to fight the lump in my throat.

I've got three really great kids.

And as I prayed with each of them, I was reminded of God's goodness to us over the years. And I felt the deep, primal need to be on my knees even more for them as we finish out this school year and walk into the next...

Before I prayed for Kyler, (who leaves in the morning for distance running camp with his high school cross country team,) I had to stop and tell him how thankful I am for his last two years of junior high. He's made it through a huge school with over 800 kids with nary a scratch. Oh - and some pretty impressive grades too. He managed to find a sport he excels at, made friends, stayed out of trouble, and has yet to display anything resembling teenage angst. He's a great kid. Of course, I also had to tell him I didn't want him to keep growing up - to which he replied "I'll always be your little boy, Mom."

And then there was Savannah - who stood with her classmates today at a reception in their honor... marking seven years at their elementary school and celebrating their citizenship and achievement there. She's going to junior high next year - the very school Kyler is exiting. Lately people keep commenting to me how much she's changed this year - how much older and mature she's looking. And I think back to the little girl who never played with baby dolls and who has always known her own mind... how did she get so big? Tonight I prayed for discernment and wisdom as she leaves a school that has felt like home for 7 years... and for friendships and opportunities and a great junior high experience.

And of course, my baby. Who has a promotion of his own next year - moving up from the primary classrooms to the intermediate grades. At our elementary school this is a big geographical move - as well as a big change in expectations and opportunities for the kids. Ethan is a happy-go-lucky kid - the one every other kid on the playground knows - and who manages to be a friend to them all. Frankly, I'm so darn happy he's got three more years at the elementary school... I can only handle so much change all at once.

It's a big year here at the Goins' household.

Three kids in three different schools next year.

It's going to be quite a ride...

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  1. I hear ya! My oldest is moving on to Sr high, which is 10th grade here,and my youngest to 7th grade which is Jr high here...I no longer have elementary age children. when did that happen? They too are good kids and I love that people frequently comment on what good people they are. That means a lot to me. :) I would love to say I am transitioning with grace, but am not. My heart is resisting it tooth and nail, but will come around.....
    Prayers to all of you!


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