Wednesday, July 15, 2009


  • We're still doing Summer Bingo. For which enthusiasm has waned a bit - although Savannah got so bored last weekend that she applied herself and managed to get a blackout. But this week, I think the kids have hardly looked at their cards. I probably need to up the ante. Make the rewards a little more interesting, or just different. Something to pique their interest...
  • Gracie is doing much better. Last night was the first night that she's shown any interest at all in eating - she sat next to Asia the whole time at dinner begging for a piece of flank steak. Did she get it? You betcha. When your dog has barely eaten a thing for a week, you're inclined to let her eat whatever she shows interest in... so yes - the dog had steak for dinner. Now this morning she won't eat again. Not sure what's up with that. But I'm not getting out the leftover steak...
  • She'll go in a week from today to get the staples taken out - she has 20 of them running down her stomach. It's a gnarly wound. It'll disappear once her hair grows back in, but for now, she's got a serious scar. Poor baby.
  • I got a big box of new stamps from Memory Box last week... lots of new stamps for fall and winter. I spent awhile yesterday playing with them - it's Christmas in July in my studio. A little hard to find inspiration when it's 80+ degrees outside... but the stamps are SO pretty. And there are new little jewels I just LOVE! Hoping to be able to reveal them soon... not sure when we get to show them off, but for now I'm having a blast playing with them.
  • Excited about this... the park within walking distance now has an awesome splash pad for the kids to cool off in on those super hot days... COOL!
  • Got a job last weekend through a friend of my old boss, Kathy... taking parking fees at a dog show in Coeur D'Alene. Weird, I know. But it was supposed to pay $100 a day - and then when they paid us, they 'renegotiated our contracts' and actually ended up giving me $300 for two days' work. Kyler helped out too and got $200 of his own. Definitely worth it. Now I only need $1500 more to pay off Gracie's bill. Yikes!
  • Happy Wednesday, friends!

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