Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Park City

Our friends, Bryan and Heidi Spray, moved to Park City, Utah five years ago. And for five years we've been saying we should go visit them.

This year - we finally did.

Bryan and Heidi have four kids - the oldest of which is 7 - with their youngest at 13 months. It was so great to see how our kids interacted with them - they were so helpful and sweet.

Here they are in downtown Park City... we went down for Park Silly - their super fun Sunday market.
Look at these two cute Dads with their kiddos - I bet when Asia and Bryan met 20+ years ago they never imagined this!
We had GORGEOUS weather and were able to spend two days hanging out at the pool.One afternoon was spent at the Park City Resort - we rode the chair lift up to the top of the mountain, then rode the alpine slide down...And then we went up again - coming down this time on the 1/2 mile zipline! It was awesome. Fast and fun and terrifying all at once...
Those are my feet... with Ethan off to the right. He kept saying "This is so scary, this is so scary, this is so scary!" until he saw me so close behind him... then he relaxed and enjoyed himself...
But for sure, the highlight of our time there was the time we spent with Bryan and Heidi. It's not often you find a couple with whom you have so many similarities... the four of us get along splendidly.
It was worth the five year wait, for sure...

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    That zip line looks so fun.


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