Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of School

Three kids. Three different schools. A BIG transition year for the Goins' family.
Kyler - starting ninth grade/high school. Taking honors classes and running cross country. Isn't he looking like a man? My poor heart just about bursts with pride at the amazing young man he is becoming...Savannah - starting seventh grade/junior high. Got her first phone last Friday. Taking honors classes. Suddenly she's become a young lady - no more little girl at our house. Wow. E. Bob. - starting fourth grade. Tallest kid in his class. In desperate need of a haircut. Looking forward to competing against the sixth graders in kickball at lunch recess.


  1. Grandma10:21 AM

    Great pictures. We are proud of them too !
    They are growing into such "cool" kids.
    We love them all !!

  2. Gosh, it wasn't too long ago you were blogging about Kyler leaving his elementary school and how cool it was that his friends did a special performance or something as they left the building- right? I feel like a creepy blog stalker, I hope you know it's really just cool to watch your kids grow, Cathy. I love reading how God is working in their lives!

  3. I'm with Susie. I love reading how God is working in their lives.

    ps Your kids are uncommonly good-looking, Cathy. :D


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