Monday, August 17, 2009

Winding down...

Summer is almost over. Hard to believe.

I've already lamented the passing of time this year - and what a strange summer it's been - but it doesn't make it any easier to see the days ticking away...

The kids are at my parents' house this week. I'll go pick them up on Friday - and then they'll have less than a week before school starts.



So many fun things I'd like to do with them before they're gone again all day.

We'll have to make the most of our weekends in September and October - enjoying the outdoors while we can before the cold and the snow hit.


We spent the last week in Manzanita - our annual beach trip with my brother and his family.

My nephew proposed to his girlfriend while we were there.

Which makes me feel exceedingly old.

After all, he was just born.


I'm still walking. Passed the 229 days-in-a-row mark yesterday. Feels so good to have followed through on this commitment to myself.


Gracie is fully recovered from her health issues... she got to come along to the beach house with us and decided that she is now an outdoor/beach dog. She LOVED the beach. And she loved hiking. She was such a good traveller too... it was great to be able to bring her along.


Looking forward to a quick trip to Boise in a couple of weeks to go to Kelly's wedding reception. My dear friend tied the knot last Friday. So very, very happy for her. I've been praying for a healthy marriage for her for SO long - God is faithful and good.


Time for my walk. The sunset is officially out of the 8:00 hour now - can't believe how early it's getting dark already.


Happy Monday!

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  1. Cath,
    Marriage is so much fun!
    I can hardly wait to have you here. You just keep blogging...I like when you do.



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