Sunday, September 06, 2009

Don't Pig Out in the Park

So today after church, Asia decided to take the fam down to Riverfront Park to partake in a Spokane tradition - the annual Labor Day extravaganza - Pig Out in the Park.

Now, I have to tell you, we haven't been to Pig Out for many, many years. Mainly because the last time we went, the entire family got sick. Barfing sick. Not only did we get sick, but our houseguests, who were staying with us because they were dropping their daughter off at Whitworth college and she was going to live with us for the school year, well, they also got sick.

It was a regular barf-o-rama. Nine people in one house, with all of us getting up all night long and barfing. I'll never forget that their son, who was about 12 years old at the time, was the loudest barfer in the world. When he was in the bathroom, barfing, the whole house could hear him. Never mind that everyone was trying to sleep. He wretched as though his toes were being forced out of his mouth. It.was.not.pretty.

Now, the other thing you have to know - is that the other family - the ones staying with us because they were dropping their daughter off to go to college in Spokane? They did not go to Pig out in the Park. So obviously, instead of our collective illness being of the food bourne variety, it was clearly some sort of fast moving viral thing that knocked us all out. But that does not matter. Because in our minds - Pig out in the Park and vomiting have been synonymous.

But apparently Asia has had enough time to get over that - and felt that it was time to give the gastronomical gaity of Pig Out a try one more time.

Plus, Savannah was spending the day with a friend at the lake, so it was one less mouth to feed. Nothing like getting in some quality family time while saving a buck.

And guess what? None of us got sick. But none of us really enjoyed it either.

Everything was overpriced. And truthfully, none of us got anything that even tasted that good. I got a Gyro that ended up being made with some presliced meat and ranch dressing. Ugh. What a disappointment. Add to that the fact that a huge chunk of lettuce covered with ranch fell off and landed in my shoe and I was not a happy camper. Nothing makes me crankier than being sticky. And I was sticky. (Okay, there are probably a few things that make me crankier... but I really hate being sticky. A lot.)

So I'm sorry, Spokane. We won't be returning. I'll do Bloomsday. And I'll drag myself to the Lilac Parade every few years. We'll go to the fair occasionally and I'll patronize the Farmer's Market and we'll brave the crowds of Hoopfest.

But we won't go back to Pig out in the Park.



  1. There is nothing I hate more - esp when I am eating healthy and decide to give myself a treat - is looking forward to something you expect to be yummy, and being seriously disappointed! So sorry about the gyro - one of my favorites but have to be made sister was aghast that we skipped the fair here this weekend - went to a show but walked right through the fair - food is too pricey, gross and calorie laden, our kids dont ride the rides, and then there is the ridiculously expensive carnie games! So in all those words, I hear ya!! And am also glad you did not get sick!

  2. Anonymous11:22 PM

    I doubt Pig Out will notice your absence. Pig Out has always been the best value of any Spokane event. FREE concerts with national touring acts. NO admission fees. $2 pop. Have you been to a Shock game or Indians game?

    The best Gyros in Spokane are from Azars. You obviously went to the other place. Too bad.

    Unless you eat at McD's $8.95 for a plate of food is very affordable.

    Spokane loves Pig Out. Spokane loves a bargain.


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