Tuesday, September 15, 2009


  1. Asia's in Seattle this week. He's been home so consistantly lately I'm finding it hard to find my groove. I'll get there. He's scheduled to be gone three out of four weeks in October.
  2. I'm up to leading four Weight Watcher's meetings. This week and next I'm working six and seven meetings with sub jobs. I really love it. The beauty of it is I prepare once and then just repeat the same material at every meeting. So different from teaching scrapbooking, which required LOTS of prep time for every class.
  3. Gearing up for a big Craft/Antique/Junk Sale I'll be selling stuff at next weekend (Sept. 25 & 26.) My studio is all awhirl with activity as I create and organize for it. Fun stuff. I'll post pictures of a few of my items in the next couple of days. If you're local, it will be at the Moran Prairie Grange.
  4. I had an amazing day at garage sales last weekend... only had an hour to go because we had to get to Kyler's cross country meet, but I managed to find BUNCH of new clothes for myself... I got a brand new track suit (tags on), a beautiful dress, a cardigan sweater, a hoodie and a t-shirt all for $8. And it all fit perfectly. LOVE THAT!
  5. Asia and I are prayerfully considering doing an internship at our church this school year. It's an unpaid opportunity to dive in deep with other like-minded people who want to be challenged and pushed a bit out of their comfort zone. I've been feeling lately like I'm recuperated adequately from our time with Tejan to step out again... more on that as I find out more and get started with it.
  6. It's candy corn time. I love candy corn. But only in small quantities. Too much is just WAY too sweet. It makes me so happy sitting in my candy dish.
  7. Spokane in September is absolutely perfect. Cool mornings, sunshine, warm afternoons. I love it. Of course, October runs a close second. But for sure, it's my favorite time of year.

Seven is close to ten. I'm tired. Goodnight, friends. Smooches!


  1. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Yeah, Tuesday 10! Also, fabulous picture of you and Gracie.

  2. I so agree ....Spokane in September is heaven~! but I wish I could take a scrappin class from you~:(

    Sue xo


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