Friday, October 09, 2009

Confessions of a Weight Watchers Leader

  1. I do not notice the number on the scale when you step onto it. I know you are self conscious, sharing this very private thing with me in our tiny little weigh booth. But just like your doctor sees nakedness all the time, I see well over 100 numbers every week. I'm looking to see if your weight went up or down - and that's about it. The number itself means nothing to me. What matters is that you're at my meeting, working hard to change the number. I'm so proud of you for being there.
  2. I want you to succeed. I know that feeling of being stuffed into your clothes, pulling and tugging at them to keep them from sticking in between the rolls. I know. I know. I know how badly you want to change and how hard you have to fight to do it. And I want to encourage you every single week - whether you're up or down. I know you can do it.
  3. If I could instill anything in your mind, it would be a peaceful acceptance of the notion that this has to be an every day choice for the rest of your life. Your body does not miraculously want to stay thin. You have to feed it fewer calories than you burn every day to lose. And you have to find the magic balance of feeding it exactly what you burn to maintain your healthy weight once you get there. Every day. For the rest of your life.
  4. Which means: I am doing this. Every day. For the rest of my life. I am a member first. I need Weight Watchers. Because it keeps me accountable. I am just like you - striving to eat a healthy diet and be at a healthy weight. Day after day after day.
  5. Sometimes it really sucks to have to be so vigilant. I know.
  6. If you talk at my meetings, it means I am being successful as your leader. My goal is to have you talk 70% of the time and me only talk 30% of the time. When you talk, then I know what you're dealing with... I can be more effective as your leader if I know what your needs are. If you don't talk, I can give a 30 minute lecture. But I leave those kinds of meetings wondering if anything I said helped you.
  7. If I see you at the grocery store, I will not approach you. I would love to talk to you, but I'm going to let you decide our relationship outside of the meeting room. I respect your privacy. So if you want to talk to me, come say hi. I promise not to look in your cart. You are a person first and a Weight Watchers member second and I will always see you that way outside the meetings.
  8. I believe in you. You can do this. I know you are capable of making the necessary changes so you can be your very best.
  9. I will celebrate every loss. There is no loss too small. I won't allow you to complain about a .2 loss. Not in my weigh booth. It's a loss. Hallelujah!
  10. I love my job. I love that it holds me accountable to be at my very best in terms of my own weight. And I love inspiring you to be your best. I consider it a great privilege to walk with you through this journey. I will never take for granted the fact that you allow me to be a part of what can be a very private struggle. I will always honor that trust.


  1. I joined weight watchers, but have never been to a meeting. I always find excuses. Your post gave me inspiration. Thank you for that. I think I will go to th enext meeting on Tuesday. I want to make that life long commitment and I know I have to take the first steps. So thanks for making me want to do it now.

  2. Cathy, this is so caring and compassionate. The people who come to your meetings are very blessed. :)

  3. Hi Cathy,
    I read your blog often (know it via Suziebeezie land), but I haven't commented before. I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed and felt encouraged by your post about WW. Whew. I recently returned, but had a tough week this past week with it. It's hard to re-start WW after three babies and in a new town. Thanks for encouraging from far away ;) It is hard to keep the day-to-day part of it in perspective!

    Wishing you encouragement in this good work!

  4. You know I think my leader is awesome but I really needed to read these words today...thanks~!!!

  5. Cathy,
    Your WW meetings are lucky to have you. I wish you were in my town. You are good at your job. Thanks for sharing. I dont' go to WW now, but your words are encouraging anyway.


  6. You nailed it girl... GREAT BLOG !!


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