Thursday, October 01, 2009

My other runner

Last weekend Kyler went to Missoula, Montana for the Mountain West Invitational. He ran 3 miles in 18:24 and placed 62nd out of 434 runners in the JV race.

We didn't go, so I don't have pictures.

But I do have pictures from Ethan's first cross country meet, yesterday!

They haven't offered cross country at the elementary school level for about six years, so we were thrilled when the flier came home announcing that our school district had received a grant funding the program this year. E. was very excited to try his hand (or feet, as the case may be) at running like his big brother. Plus, he's hoping the training will help him when wrestling season rolls around... it can't hurt, for sure!

What a fun meet - there was constant action as they ran 14 races, one right after the other, starting with kindergarten girls, followed by kindergarten boys and so on - all the way through 6th grade. The course was a mile... quite a feat by those with the tiniest little legs.

Kyler's team even ran down to the park to cheer on all the elementary students... I love the sense of community this creates... they got in a good run and they gave the kids an extra boost of support - and maybe an incentive to keep running and aim toward being on the 'big kids' high school team someday.

(Note Kyler's SHORT hair - he's in the center of the picture with his black track jacket on. He left for the Missoula meet with his nice long, curly hair and returned with a buzz cut. He told me almost all the guys with long hair got their hair cut - by a senior who 'always grooms his dog' - so he was the best choice to give the buzz cuts. Thank goodness, hair grows back...) E. had a good run - he placed about 10th for the fourth grade boys. We didn't get his time yet - he should get it at his practice today, I think. He's aiming for a 7:30 mile.

Love my runners...


  1. Debbie12:13 PM

    Love the photos. How nice that the LCXC boys came over to cheer the little ones on!

  2. A senior who always grooms his dog! Well, if I ever need a buzzcut, I will know where to go! :)


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