Thursday, October 22, 2009

Slowing down

Earlier in the week, I could be heard saying, "I don't have time to get sick this week. I have way too much to do."

Famous last words.

Because, of course, I got sick.

Fortunately, it didn't hit me hard until Tuesday night, when I'd already led three of my four meetings for the week. So I called around and found a sub for my Wednesday meeting, called and cancelled other appointments (including the haircut I've been waiting more than 3 weeks for) and have been planted on the couch or in bed ever since.

Other than my walks.

Yes. I've still walked. Actually, the fresh air has felt amazing and invigorating compared to the stuffy sick air in the house. (Mind you - these are short walks. But I'm out there. Not one sedentary day for me this year...)

I'm on page 373 of a 479 page novel. I haven't read a fiction book in so long. It always feels too self-indulgent, so I never partake. But I get SO tired of the tv. So the book has been a welcome break.

Asia and Ethan were the first to get sick. They were both out for four days. Then I got it. Then Savannah. Kyler is the only one who's stayed healthy. Hope he can pull it off.

While being sick is miserable, I never cease to be amazed at how the world really can go on without me. Even when I think I'm irreplacable, I'm really not. At all.

So it's okay - this forced sabbath.

I'd venture to say it's even good.

Sometimes it's okay to let the world go on without me.

I've been thinking a lot about sabbath lately after a sermon on the topic several weeks ago. Funny - how at this stage in my life when I feel busier than ever, that I suddenly feel the need to pull back and find ways to rest. Rest alone. Rest with my family. Prioritize my life in such a way that there are quiet moments to just be.

So I'll take this flu - H1N1 or not - as God's way of reinforcing the thoughts I've been wrestling with for the past few weeks. If it takes a fever and a sniffly nose to get me to slow down and ponder a little more, then I'll take it.

I could do without the head ache, but I'll survive.

And I'll even try to learn something from it...

Happy Thursday, friends.


  1. Well, you make it sound like a good idea, this flu bug. Michael had one else has had it yet.
    Get well, friend.
    Email me, k? I want to know when we can come visit you.
    After you are well, of course.

  2. Hope you are better soon! My daughter has been on our couch all week and I think I am keeping the makers of Purell in business and running the "sanitize" feature on my dryer daily for her pillows and blankets!
    I think God has programed our bodies and minds to crave rest when our busy world starts to take over. I know I am the same way and have gotten some judgement from "friends" when I have said no to something just to have a few hours to recoup from a bad week.
    Nothing wrong with it! :)
    Feel better my long distant friend, sending chicken soup hugs.


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