Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Ten

  1. I've started my internship at church. Which means several things. First, I'm reading. A lot. And will continue to read a lot throughout the year. I love to read - especially non-fiction, so I'm good with that. Secondly, it means that every Tuesday morning, I go to an intern meeting from 5:30 am to 7:30 am. And last, it means that I'm opening my heart to God - anticipating lots of challenges as I dive deeper into my relationship with him and allow myself to be stretched in new ways. Already, only two weeks in, I have a whole heart full of things about which I'm praying...
  2. Kyler finished his cross country season on Saturday. I was sick, so I missed his race. It was the All City race - and he placed 13th out of probably 50 freshmen... his team came in second out of the ten schools in attendance - which is exciting to me. These boys could turn into a pretty good team over the years. Cross country is EXTREMELY competitive in Spokane. The past two years the number one team in the country has been here in town... last year it was North Central and this year it was Ferris. Neither one our school - but maybe someday!
  3. Savannah started volleyball yesterday. I'm excited to have her playing. She hasn't done an organized sport since she quit soccer a couple years ago. She's so naturally athletic - it will be fun to watch her play. Poor girl though - her legs and buns are so sore. I only played volleyball one year - in 7th grade - but that's exactly what I remember about it. Sore legs and sore buns.
  4. I'm going on week three of a new skin care routine... If you've known me for any length of time, you might know that I'm religious about washing my face at night. I NEVER take a night off. But recently I read about several people trying the Oil Cleansing Method and was intrigued. Well guess what? While it seems counter-intuitive to someone like myself with extremely oily skin to put oil directly on my face each night, I can't tell you what a difference it's made in my skin. I'm totally sold. My face is so soft and clean - and I no longer wake up in the morning with an oil slick on my face... really. Plus, massaging the oil in each night and then steaming my face is such a treat. I love it.
  5. Where exactly has October gone?
  6. Still wrestling with thoughts about sabbath... as my schedule is busier than ever it seems a little silly to be trying to figure out what sabbath might look like... but I'm certain (being one of the ten commandments and all) that it's something God wants for us... and so I'm really pondering it lately. Does anyone have this figured out? I'd love to hear from you.
  7. When we added Savannah to our cell phone calling plan, we added unlimited texting for the whole family... a good thing, since the girl sends hundreds and hundreds of texts a week. I'm actually getting to be sort of proficient at the whole texting thing... amazing, because for ages it would take me forever to text even the most simple of messages. I really like it because Kyler is allowed to have his phone out during his passing periods at school and so we often text little messages throughout the day. It's so nice to hear how his day is going.
  8. Halloween Saturday... I'm really ready as a parent to move beyond this silly holiday - but am trying to give Ethan the same attention I gave the older two when it comes to creative costume ideas. He's planning to be Frankenstein... my day Thursday is set aside for pulling his costume together. But really? I can't wait until he outgrows the whole costume thing. I'm really over it. Bad mommy.
  9. We're hosting Christmas this year. Which means I'm starting to think about food - and guests - and gifts - and enjoying the fact that we won't have to travel anywhere this year. It only happens that way once every four years - so it's a treat. So thankful that everyone is willing to take the trek to Spokane once every four years to give us that break.
  10. Happy Tuesday friends! Say hello so I know you're out there! Smooches!!!


  1. *Totally with you on not being into the costume thing. We don't do "Halloween" but the kids dress up for the Harvest Party at church, so... costumes. Problem is, I have four who are 8 and under, so I've got lots of years left!!! :P
    *Wish I had the sabbath figured out and faithfully implemented so that I could impart my vast wisdom to you.
    *The Oil Cleansing Method sounds fascinating, so I checked out your link. I think I'm going to try it!
    *Can't wait to hear more about your internship.

  2. :) I'm sorry I haven't commented lately.. you always make me smile.
    Someday we should take a walk together and enjoy a Sabbath full of peace. :)

  3. going to try the oil cleansing :)

  4. AGGGGGHHHHHH.....WHY are you torturing us? We want to see photos of Ethan in his costume. Photos please!!

  5. Anonymous8:33 AM

    I am still here. Been travelling around Argentina with my good friend who came to visit. I am interested in the oil cleansing as well. Have to check it out.


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