Thursday, November 12, 2009

And then she was thirteen...

Savannah's birthday was yesterday...

Lucky girl NEVER has to go to school on her birthday, since November 11th is always Veteran's Day. So we had a sleepover Tuesday night with four of her best friends.

The next morning, the girls got up, had birthday donuts, then I took them all down to Riverfront Park and we took oodles of pictures to later come home and scrapbook (after a couple of hours of bowling with Asia while I got the pictures developed...)

Each girl went home with a 6 x 6 album filled with their favorite shots of the day.
I can't go on enough about what a great group of girls this is... they spent the whole day together with no catty girl stuff... quite an accomplishment for junior high girls... but not unusual at all for this group. They're so fun. I had a blast with them.
Can't believe she's thirteen...


  1. GREAT pictures Cathy! You are such a good photographer. What a fun bunch of girls.
    Wish I could know them all.
    Give Savannah an extra hug for me!

  2. Lorraine4:09 PM

    Balloons were a good idea for photos. Happy late birthday, Savannah, from your lame Aunt who only sometimes sends birthday cards.


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