Thursday, November 19, 2009

Quickie update

Highlight(s) of the week: hosting small group at our house Sunday night... it was a classic example of why we do group... sharing life, struggles, joys, pain. And delicious food too. This is a new group for us, so it all feels a little awkward as we begin to open up to each other, but it's good. I am learning to embrace the awkward for the reward of true community.

Ministry update: The internship is great... loving our weekly meetings and getting to know the other interns better. What a great group of kids. (I'm the oldy on the team by about 16 years... there's one other adult-ish person on the team - and the pastor who oversees us is in his 30's. But for sure I'm the senior member. So weird.) I'm diving head first into new ministry opportunities - everything from designing and publishing the children's ministry newsletter to deep cleaning and organizing the church kitchen - a MUCH needed and WAY overdue job. When I signed up for the internship I really had no idea where I was going to plug in and it's been so cool to have needs brought to my attention that fit my skills and passions. It's almost like God knew.... hmmm.

Stuff at work: My meetings are growing. The past couple of weeks I've had almost every member stay for the meeting - which is a huge part of member success. It's a challenge to get some people to invest beyond the weigh-in and I'm thrilled to have almost 100% of my members committing to the meeting and staying through to the end. Love my job.

Book(s) I'm Reading: In Constant Prayer by Robert Benson. The Hole in our Gospel by Richard Stearnes. The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron.

Media I'm Enjoying: Not much lately... so little time. I did watch The Proposal last weekend and enjoyed it. I've never ever done this before, but there was an outfit Sandra Bullock wore in that movie that I liked so much, I went out and bought as similar an outfit as I could put together... loved the color combination of the mustard and the grey/white stripe. So if you see me wearing my grey/white turtleneck and my mustard sweater, know that I am totally a copycat.

Something I've been chewing on: I'm studying fixed hour prayer for my internship. I'm so intrigued by it... learning about it and reading... Praying the Office is something that's been left mostly to the Catholic and Anglican churches for the last few hundred years - and mostly to their clergy. But it was a value in the early church - and it's something I'm wrestling through and trying out. Because it's so foreign to my protestant upbringing, I was overwhelmed at first with all the liturgical language and more than just a little intimidated by the formality of it. I had to stop myself from researching and reading and get up the gumption to just go buy myself a prayer book and try it. I was assisted by the nicest man at our local Catholic book store.

Looking Forward To: cooking Thanksgiving dinner. The bird is in the fridge downstairs defrosting. I learned years ago that it takes at least a week for a 20+ pound turkey to thaw... I bought mine Tuesday night. Can't wait for the stuffing... that's for sure my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner.

Making me laugh: I was watching the Oprah interview with Sarah Palin the other night when Kyler came into the room. He sat watching for at least ten minutes. I was impressed that he seemed interested in what she had to say and was looking forward to talking with him about it once it was finished... and then he looked at me and said "Ten bucks says she's wearing Bumpits."

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