Saturday, February 06, 2010

Saturday morning ramblings...

  • It's a quiet Saturday morning... Asia is out for coffee (again), E. is watching cartoons in the living room, Savannah is sleeping, Kyler is at a friend's house and I'm in the bedroom with my laptop and my cup of coffee. Bliss.
  • I got to work as an adjudicator at the auditions for the school variety show this week... two days of elementary school kids singing, dancing, doing skits and playing instruments. I'm such a sap - I get tears in my eyes when I see the really nervous ones push through their fear and do their best... this morning the committee meets to decide who got in the show and who we have to cut. That's the icky part.
  • Kyler has started physical therapy on his knee - it's been bugging him for a couple of weeks and he hasn't been able to train with the track team so I took him into the doctor to see if they could figure out what's going on. His favorite part of the whole process? He got an 'elevator pass' for school so he doesn't have to climb the stairs. His high school has four floors and he's up and down the stairs all day long. Now he can ride the elevator with his doctors note.
  • Speaking of physical therapy, he's going to the same physical therapist that did Tejan's therapy on his jaw and my therapy on my shoulder. They are simply the best firm... they treat athletes from Kyler's high school pro bono... and they did Tejan's therapy at no cost... love that. They are truly the best people... it makes me happy just to walk in the door there.
  • I turn 41 in a couple of days... what a weird age... Kind of anti-climactic after the big four-O. I'll be working on my actual birthday, but the day after, I get to drive over to spend a couple days in Bellevue with Asia... he's working there next week and I'm going to go hang out in the hotel and do some shopping... should be a nice little getaway. The kids will be home with some friends who are coming to stay over with them.
  • Looking forward to a visit next weekend from our friend Ryan who used to live with us...
  • ...and a valentine party here on Friday night... we used to have one every year but when we left our old church it felt too awkward to try to figure out who to invite. I finally feel like it's been long enough and we've established new friendships so we can have one again. February is a GREAT time of year for a party... people just want to get out of the house and have something to do... LOVE a valentine party!
  • I am head over heels in love with my ipod. Asia bought me one with a docking/speaker station for Christmas. It's the best thing ever. I'm having SO much fun loading it with all my favorite music... and it can play for hours and hours and hours - all my favorite artists and songs. It's just so cool. I'm always late to the technology party - but then I totally get it... usually just in time for my new gadget to be pushed into obsolescence by some other gadget... that's okay with me though.
  • Speaking of technology and gadgets... Asia and I are pretty convinced that we're going to eliminate our satellite tv... we just are hardly ever watching tv these days... as long as we get some sort of DVR to tape the off-the-air stuff, I'll be good. And we'll be saving $50 a month - so that's good too. We just really don't need all those channels. I'll miss my TLC and Food Network, but other than that, it's all just fluff. I'd rather read a book or play a game.
  • Okay... time for my shower. Hate to crawl out of this warm bed, but duty calls. Have a glorious weekend, friends!

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  1. We keep talking about getting rid of our satellite too, but just can't seem to do it. My husband and daughter love watching too many NCIS reruns on the DVR I guess. :) I am not sure I could live wihtout my daily doase of Food Network or HGTV.
    Happy early birthday ! I hit the 41 in Sept. Actually for me was more exciting that my 40 since I had jsut been in the car accident last year and was in no condition to "celebrate" hubbie was a bit more sweet about this year. It's just a number!
    Glad to hear you found an excellent therapist for Kyler. I just recently left my home care job to return to the clinic and I am loving it. Forgot how much I Missed it. Fortunately a found a quality facility as well as run by a generous christian hearted man which helps tremendously! How is Gracie's knee??


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