Tuesday, February 16, 2010


  1. I spent three days last week in Bellevue with Asia... he was working over there and actually managed to finish his work a day early so we got a whole extra day together... it was lovely and refreshing and well-timed. So thankful for a little winter getaway.
  2. Lots of new beginnings happening around here - friends with babies, young love, engagements, big moves... it's fun to watch but also makes me thankful for the stability I have... I'm really big into stability... to a fault, I think. Pondering that a bit lately.
  3. So far so good on the 'no new clothes in 2010' resolution... and can I just tell you something? It's incredibly freeing to be able to walk through a clothing department without even pausing... and I haven't missed new stuff at ALL yet. I'm getting a bit tired of my winter wear - but that happens every year. And once the weather warms up, I'll get to bring up the summer clothes and have a completely fresh wardrobe to pull from. I don't think it's going to be hard at all to sustain this for the year... I quite like it!
  4. Asia bought me a new coffee maker a bit ago... ours was taking an awfully long time to brew and made the noisiest gurgling sounds that drove Asia crazy. I even timed it once and from start to finish, it was taking a full 45 minutes to completely brew a pot. I never waited that long for my coffee because I could always pull out the carafe and fill my cup before it was completed. But the new coffeemaker? It brews a full 14 cups in 7 minutes flat. Amazing! Who knew coffee could be brewed that quickly?
  5. I'm going to my monthly art group tonight... several friends from Apropos and I decided to regularly get together after the store closed... so once a month we meet. Last year we were all working on the same project - an ABC altered book. I kind of petered out before the end of the year and still haven't finished mine... and haven't decided on a project for this year. I think tonight I'm just going to take some card making supplies and make cards - my stash is surprisingly small right now. It's so great to see everyone though... glad we're still getting together.
  6. Loving the Olympics... somehow we just can't get enough of them when they're on. I love all the stories... and the accomplishments... and the determination. I'm a sucker for a medal ceremony... makes me cry every time regardless of who's on the podium.
  7. E. starts wrestling practice tomorrow night. He's already started rehearsals for the variety show at school... this is the time of year each year that I start to feel a little crazy with how busy we are... track starts in a couple of weeks for Kyler too. I love Spring, but it does get a little busy for my taste... always makes me really glad when school gets out and our calendar is obligation free.
  8. Got my first paycheck with 6 meetings on it... I feel like I reached a milestone because I'm now making as much or more than I was making at the store. My income at the store varied a lot depending on class size. That's also true for Weight Watchers, except that I'm guaranteed a base rate which goes up based on attendance and product sales. Thankful that I've gotten enough meetings now to contribute again to our budget - and that I only have to work four days a week (and then only for a few hours at a time) to do that. I'm so blessed.
  9. Praying/hoping for one more meeting to work - because when I get to seven meetings a week I get paid vacation! I haven't had a job with paid vacation since 1993. (I haven't worked full time since then, so perhaps it has something to do with that!)
  10. Reading the Gospel of Matthew right now... really loving reading the stories of Jesus - how he talked to people - the kinds of conversations he had - what he said - how he loved... amazing stuff. Really diving into the Gospels this year is where my heart is at... can't wait to see what I learn and how God changes me.

Happy Tuesday, friends... smooch you all.


  1. I bet you give great meetings! we had our meetings cancelled today due to weather. Can't wait to go tomorrow.
    Matthew is one of my favorites.
    Glad you had a great birthday!

  2. Miss you, friend. It's so good to read about your life.

  3. I just read your coffe pot issue out loud to Andy. We had the SAME issue with ours last year. We were totally amazed how quickly the new pot brewed!!


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