Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ten. Or nine. Whatever.

  1. Asia and I switch cars fairly regularly. It used to be that the Trailblazer was always mine and the Mazda was always his - but with me driving across town four days a week, it makes more sense for me to take the car that gets the best gas mileage on those days. It's never a problem in the Trailblazer, since it's a really smart car and knows how to adjust the seat depending on which key fob opens the door. If it's Asia's, it sets the seat to his settings, and if it's mine, it magically knows I'll be the one driving. But in Asia's car - the Mazda - we have to manually move the seat. And both of us think the other one's seating preferences are completely whacked. Asia likes to sit with the seat back WAY straight. I'd venture to say it's even beyond straight, and actually pushing you up toward the steering wheel. I prefer to lean back, which Asia thinks is completely ghetto. It's a miracle we've stayed married all these years.
  2. American Idol... while we find ourselves hardly ever watching t.v. anymore, we are still taping American Idol. We're just tonight watching the girls from last week... we watched the boys last night - and now they're already taping again tonight. I don't have any real stand out favorites yet... I have a few people I've got my eye on, but no one has really wowed me yet. We shall see... this is probably my least favorite part of the show, when they're weeding out the ones who just don't have the ability to make it work on the big stage. My favorite is when we get to the top 12...
  3. My new favorite find at the grocery store? Thomas Bagel Thins. Yum!!! I love a bagel - and for only one WW point - these are REALLY a good thing. My favorite thing so far is to have one with some reduced fat Laughing Cow cheese... SO yummy.
  4. I have crocus blooming outside in my flower beds. Did I tell you that already? Maybe so. Either way - it's a happy thing. I don't recall ever seeing them before April. Yay for a mild winter!
  5. I was rockin' the coupons this week at Albertson's and Safeway... there were some amazing frozen food deals to be had. My freezers are full TO THE BRIM.
  6. Ethan had his first wrestling tournament on Saturday. It was a short take-down tournament. He won all three of his matches... he's really showing his years of experience now after doing it for four years... it's fun to see his skills begin to really shine as it all comes together for him.
  7. I'm finishing up 20 cards this week for a card exchange with some dear internet friends. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with - the talent pool is amazing in this group. And I desperately need some new cards... it'll be great to have some variety again.
  8. I've been horrible about posting pictures lately... got to try to be better about that. Truth is, I've hardly taken any pictures lately. Guess that would help...
  9. I gave up Facebook for Lent... I don't miss the time I wasted there at all - but I hate not being able to be in touch with friends as easily as I can there. I hate that I haven't been able to see what everyone's up to... somehow, after Easter, I'll have to figure out how to benefit from the good things about Facebook without getting sucked in the same way I have in the past.

That's all. My brain is totally empty.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I saw a picture the Savannah posted of you at your nephew's wedding and you are brimming with beauty, Cathy! I"m glad you're here, though :) I wish for better balance, too ;) Can't wait to see all the cards, yea!

  2. I haven't picked any real favorites on Idol yet this year either. Could be an interesting year.


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