Tuesday, April 20, 2010


  1. How is it that hot water poured over little ground up beans makes such a magical drink?
  2. The weather has been positively glorious the past four or five days... we had our first dinner out on the deck Sunday night. I love dining al fresco.
  3. I just had to google 'al fresco' to be sure it meant what I thought it meant. I had this fear I was saying I liked dining nude.
  4. Speaking of google, I don't really Google anymore. I use Swagbucks now exclusively. Are you using Swagbucks? Because it's just another search engine, except that you can earn points (swagbucks) and then turn them in for free stuff. I've already earned $15 in Amazon gift cards. I'm just saving them for Christmas... hey - it's free money.
    Search & Win
  5. Kyler ran his personal best for the mile last week at his track - finished at 5:12. His goal is to do a sub-five mile this year... GO KYLER!
  6. I love the end of the school year busy-ness... we're constantly on the go with some event or another, but so many of the events have become cherished traditions that it's all fun. Good stuff.
  7. Apparently the mother of all neighborhood garage sales is happening this weekend up on the north side of town... I've never been to this particular one, but hear it's crazy big. I think I'll try to get up there on Saturday...
  8. Asia recently got hired for a new position that will start May 1st... he'll be supervising again here in the Spokane office. Things were beginning to look a little iffy in his current position, with the state mandating once a month unpaid furloughs and other pay cuts so he decided to be a little proactive and get himself into a more secure position. This means no more travel for him - which he's so excited about. He was getting really tired of hotel rooms after traveling for almost four years. I always kind of liked him traveling occasionally so I could make shrimp for me and the kids... but that's a silly reason to want him to keep his old job when he wasn't happy, now isn't it?
  9. I brought the summer clothes up from the basement a few days ago... it helps tremendously with being satisfied with what I've got since I'm not buying clothes this year... That said, my one clause for buying clothes was that I could still buy things at garage sales and I found two really pretty spring-y blouses at a sale last weekend...$2 each. Score!
  10. Today is the two-year anniversary of the day T. left. How can it have been two years already???

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. It has been TWO years since T went home??? No way!! Wow. Time flies so fast. Is that a getting old thing or am I just noticing the passage of time more because I can mark it by things like my kids changes or T's visit??
    And WAY to GO Kyler! :)

  2. Tee-hee about "al fresco." :)

    I want to go to the Camelot sale so badly, but my hubby's going fishing with a friend he rarely sees. I'm not enough of a glutton for punishment to bring four children alone. Boohoo for me.

  3. Yikes...I think pouring hot water over those ground up beans would "gag a maggot". I like the smell of coffee, but the taste is appalling.


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