Monday, April 05, 2010

Monday Musings because I work Tuesday mornings and can't ever seem to blog the Tuesday Ten anymore...

  • I've just about settled back into things after my trip to Chicago... why is is that the week after you get back from a trip always FLIES by so quickly? Can it possibly have been a whole week already since I got home? Where did the time go?
  • We had the loveliest of Easters yesterday... I ended up singing a little background choral bit for the service at church - been YEARS since I've done that. It was extremely low key. But fun. Then after church we had people over... my nephew Spencer and his girlfriend Annie were already here after arriving in town Saturday night, then we had our friends the Pannells over, as well as Kevin (my niece's boyfriend) and a young couple (the guy is a fellow intern...) It was loud and wonderful and we had more food than we could possibly eat... including ham and flank steak and the obligatory deviled eggs... good stuff. When everyone left we had a little family time watching "Life"... it was great to have a Sunday off from work. (No Weight Watcher's meetings on Easter...)
  • Asia flew to California this morning. His foster family's grandmother Iris passed away last week and the service is tomorrow in Atascadero. Grandma Iris was one of the first of the Willis clan that I met... I actually met her first back in 1990 when her husband, Grandpa Willis passed away. Asia wanted to be there to support Warren and his brothers, Bob and Mike. I'm glad he could go. Yay for air miles! He'll be home Wednesday night.
  • Want to know what I've eaten today? (Too bad if you said no... read on - it's bound to be entertaining...) Cup of coffee, fiber one bar, one leftover hot cross bun, another cup of coffee, leftover strawberry spinach salad, another leftover hot cross bun, a bunny cupcake and a big bowl of Crunch Berries. Who's a Weight Watcher's leader? Sheesh.
  • I recently made the switch to cloth napkins... been wanting to do this for ages, but hated that cloth napkins were going to cost me $2.00 to $4.00 apiece. I remember watching an Oprah awhile back where she mentioned some pretty impressive statistics about the waste created just by paper napkins in America... so anyway, a few weeks back I found a huge pile of barely (if at all) used cloth napkins at an estate sale. I was able to buy over 40 cloth napkins for about $4.00. Score!!! They're all nice white cotton and I just throw them in with my regular laundry whenever I do a load. We have more than enough to get us through a week. Loving how soft they are and that I'm not spending money on paper napkins anymore. Yay us! I'll keep a few paper ones on hand for draining bacon or whenever we have too big a crowd to use the cloth, but for every day use, it's cloth. I haven't bought paper towels for years (switched over to cloth rags a long time ago, much to my mother's chagrin... she's always asking for paper towels when she's here...) I'm thinking I may even be able to switch our family over to the small city garbage can now... wouldn't that be awesome?
  • Savannah has decided to run track... on a family walk recently we ended up at the high school track near our house and the kids were racing... she discovered she can sprint as fast as her six foot tall older brother who's been running for three years and decided she wants to compete... so now I'll have both junior high and high school track meets to go to. It's okay though... track is fun to watch - there's always something going on. Hopefully we'll get our warmer weather back soon... that's the only drawback to track - I've sat through some crazy cold meets. I'm eager to see how she does! She'll be a sprinter - instead of running distance like Kyler - so that's fun too to have some variety.
  • Our church is planning to plant two new churches in the fall... looks like we won't be leaving with either of them, but will instead stay behind at the original church. It's going to be interesting to walk through that process. While our church has four plants already in it's history, they all happened before we attended there, so it will be a new experience for us.

Time to go meet with my Moms in Touch ladies... happy Monday, friends. Smooch you all.

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  1. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Good Job on the switch to cloth, I really need to go there and use the 110 cloth napkins I have from various family members. I am tickled pink about Savannah doing track, cool. cool cool. achh


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