Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Ten

  1. Kyler had his final track meet last Saturday. It was a crazy hot day. He ran the 1600m. It's become his favorite event, for sure, and he's focused all his energy this season on perfecting his splits. He didn't PR on Saturday - it was too hot, really. But he finished ninth out of all ninth grade boys in the city. Not too shabby in one of most competitive high school running cities in the nation... We're so proud of him. He gets a couple of weeks off before the cross country team starts training for the fall. He'll be running all summer.
  2. I've got so many books on my nightstand right now it's just silly. I'm really hungry for books right now. And yet it's one of the busiest months of the year and Asia is no longer traveling, which ruins my reading time I used to enjoy when he was gone... I'll never get everything read. But I have really good intentions.
  3. Savannah bought a guitar last weekend from a friend of ours who is selling everything he owns to go work on Mercy Ships in Togo, Africa... he gave her a pretty good deal on it and is even throwing in some free lessons for her. She's working so hard at in on her own - practicing EVERY night and printing free chord charts off of the internet. She's already managed to learn a whole song with more than just D, G and A chords! (I'm even sneaking into her room occasionally to fiddle with it... I've always wanted to learn to play well...)
  4. Ethan is in the full throes of ten-year-old-boyhood right now. His legs are literally covered in bruises. He's in that akward, clumsy stage where he's just hurting himself all the time. Combine that with typical pre-adolescent misjudgement and lack of common sense and he's just an accident waiting to happen. We're going through the band-aids like crazy. But it's so great to have him enjoying the tail end of his boyhood, I simply can't ask him to slow down. Soon enough he'll be all teen-ager-y and he won't want to play outside with sticks all day. It's worth a few bruises and bumps to watch my baby still be a little boy. It'll end soon enough.
  5. We officially made the decision to get rid of Dish Network and go back to over-the-air channels. We'll save tons of money doing that... and we just really don't watch tv much at all anymore. Silly to pay for it when we really don't need it. We've got 28 days to watch everything on our DVR before we have to send it back. We've got about 8 Glee's and 10 Survivors and a dozen What Not To Wears... See? We just never watch anymore!
  6. I'm really struggling lately with the whole Weight Watchers thing. It's so frustrating that it never gets easier for me... that I really, every day of my life, want to eat more than I need. I'm brutally honest with my members - which helps - because it helps keep me accountable... but I'm just tired. Some days I just wish I could eat cookies and cake and brownies and candy and not have to think about it. It never goes away... unless I want to gain weight - which is just silly. Because of course, I don't want to do that. I LOVE being at this weight. So I continue to make the choice - every day - to fight my natural tendencies. Truth be told, I think about food all day long. Honestly. Really? Isn't that crazy? Maybe this needs to be a post of it's own, because I'm feeling like I could just go on and on about this one... better stop now.
  7. I simply cannot believe that another school year is almost over. How can that be? Can we just stop time? My babies are growing up and I'd just like to stop it now and keep them right where they are...
  8. Asia and I have been doing lots of dreaming and pondering and envisioning what fall might look like for us... the small group that we've been a part of the past year is sort of disbanding as the ones who are going with a church plant begin to focus on that... so we're in a position to decide whether we start a group, join a new group, join an existing group or take a break altogether... we're dreaming together with another couple about different (unconventional) ideas. I'm eager to see where we end up and how it all plays out.
  9. Asia and I went to see Natalie Cole with the Spokane Symphony while my parents were in town a couple of weeks ago. I can't get over what an amazing concert it was... Asia totally made me laugh afterwards when he leaned over and said "I don't know if this means I'm getting old, but that's the kind of concert I want to pay money for from now on." It was tremendous. And we got to sit the whole time, which is a bonus when you're as old as we are...
  10. New favorite artist? Madeleine Peyroux. Can't get enough of her music.

Happy Tuesday, friends.


  1. I think about food 24/7 too.
    Here I was wishing their was a magic potion.

  2. there .. I meant there. ;)

  3. Trust me you are not the only one that thinks about food all.the.time. I have lost 60 lbs in the last year, and am in full control of my habits, but I too get to the same point - wanting to stop having to think about it? When will eating healthy choice be a natural choice? With my history, I don't think ever. For me it is a conscience effort every day, and I to get fatigued. One thing I found has helped me, is an "off" day, usually saturday since that is when we eat out mostly or see friends. I find it much easier to stick to things throughout the week if I know I will be allowing myself indulgence on the weekend. It doesn't derail my weight loss, and I hop right back on the wagon Sunday am.....If I want to stay this way, happy healthy strong and confident, that is just the way it has to be. :) Congrats to Kyler, for his accomplishments. Kudos to Savannah for her willingness to try new things. Neither of my kids is very self motivated, and it gets frustrating at times. You are a great parent. :)

  4. Hi Cathy...your blog about eating and thinking about it all the time...it fits with what I teach in diabetes education. It's called "Self management" because your doctor doesn't live with you. I tell my patients I think about my hypertension only because I take two pills in the morning and that's it. But with diabetes, you have to think about it all the time, everytime you eat something. You can choose to eat the brownies and cake and pasta in huge portions but you still think about it. Self awareness and making choices are part of it. Just like living the Christian life...we make choices all the time. Thanks for your blog.

  5. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Hi! I love Madeline P....whatever her name is. I discovered her on Pandora, and bought her album about a year ago. Love Love Love!
    Also, I wrote you a letter today, so you have that to look forward to. Snail Mail is so cool.
    Miss you


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