Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Five 'cause it's late...

  1. Wow. Where has the time gone? Sorry... I thought I'd gotten back on the bandwagon with blogging and then I sort of fell off the face of the earth again.
  2. Two and a half more days of school for the kids.
  3. Kyler has finals tomorrow and Thursday... hope he's all studied up. He's really applied himself these past couple of months - after struggling to find his groove in high school. School has always come really easily to him - and having to actually study and work for his grades sort of caught him off guard, I'm afraid. But he's managing really well now. I'm proud to see this maturing process in him. He's such a great kid.
  4. Looking ahead to next year, I'll have Kyler in 10th grade, Savannah in 8th and Ethan in 5th... Kyler is taking honors classes again, along with his first AP class. Savannah will be in an accelerated math (9th grade level) class as well as a 9th grade level Spanish class and a special science program called MESA - which is designed to make math, engineering and science interesting and appealing to minorities and females... she's very excited about it, since they take lots of field trips and do special, fun projects.
  5. I've added another Weight Watchers meeting to my schedule... I had gone back to five after my last At Work meeting didn't renew, but now I've got another At Work so I'm back up to six... It's a great schedule. I can't believe how fortunate I am to have had jobs I love so much for the past 7 years... I am so blessed - especially because I've never really wanted to work - how many people are able to find jobs that don't feel like work? I've totally got that with Weight Watchers.

Happy Tuesday, friends.

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  1. I've found that Weight Watachers is more about relationships than work. That is why I love it so much. It is all about the members!


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