Tuesday, August 03, 2010

31 days of fun - day three

No photos today... I need to start having fun before it gets dark so I can get better (or any) pictures of my adventures.

I am interested and sort of sad at how hard it is for me to think of things that qualify as fun... Asia thinks my standards of fun are too high... that if I enjoy something, it should count as fun. But for me, fun needs to produce some laughter... so I'm still defining and thinking through what actually counts.

Suffice it to say - already I'm discovered that what I suspected is true... I'm not really very fun. It's VERY easy for me to go through my entire day without having any fun by my current definition.

Tonight Asia is out of town and I looked at the clock at 8:00 pm and said to the kids "I need to have fun..."

Now apparently they aren't faithful Thoughts From the Deep Recesses readers, because they looked at me like I was crazy.

So I explained "31 days of fun" to them - and then Savannah offered her idea:

"Go outside and do cartwheels."

Except I can't, so that was out.

I got my flip-flops on, grabbed the dog leash and headed out the door in search of fun. The two youngest kids tagged along, intrigued by the idea of mom being fun.

We walked for a few blocks, let the dog off her leash in our neighborhood playing fields, and ended up by the high school track. I was struggling to come up with anything when I noticed that the sprinklers were on, watering the football field.

So in we went. I marched across the track, slipped out of my flip-flops, released Gracie from her leash and ran.

Right through the giant sprinklers - barefoot in my skirt - chasing and being chased by the dog and Ethan...

I went and grabbed Savannah and pulled her into the water.

We got soaked.

And we had fun.

I don't think I've gotten fully wet in my clothes for YEARS.

And guess what? I didn't melt. My hair got wet and my clothes were soggy and my glasses were covered with water spots. But it was fun.

(I kind of like having fun...)


  1. Oh, I love it! You are making me grin every day. You are also inspiring me. I was just taking inventory this morning of the past three days, seeing if I could find something fun I did each day that would qualify me to join you. :)

  2. P.S. I used to be the Cartwheel Queen back in the day, but I tried to demonstrate one for my kids a couple years ago and looked like a complete dork. What changes and renders us unable to do them now?


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