Monday, August 02, 2010

31 days of fun - day two

I'll be honest.

I didn't feel like having fun today.

I was buried in tasks to clean up from our weekend away and to prepare for our upcoming vacation which starts on Friday.

The kids were bored.

I was cranky.

And I had to work tonight.

At nine this evening I said to Asia "I didn't do anything fun today. Some days I just don't want to have fun."

He replied with "But didn't you make a commitment?"

And then "Go jump on the trampoline. I'll take your picture."

You need to know that Asia is a horrible photographer.

And that it was obviously dark and that I have blue eyes that always turn red when they're photographed with a flash.

So I look a little demonic.

But I jumped. And laughed. And pulled out a few old cheerleading moves.

Here's the evidence:

Did I have fun?

Yes. Yes I did.


  1. I'm so proud of you! And Asia for kicking you out into the backyard.

    I love your new blog background. It's so fun! See, you did two fun things yesterday. ;)

  2. Very cute you are...very.

  3. There ya go! Glad he made you stick to your commitment!

  4. You rock. Love it. I may steal this FUN idea. !!! xo


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