Monday, August 16, 2010

31 days of fun - days eleven and twelve

Day eleven - we all piled into our cars and drove out to this lovely little meandering river a little bit inland from the beach... my nephew Spencer's girlfriend grew up going to this spot where you can jump off some VERY high cliffs into the river.You need to know that I'm a scardey-mom... I always think of the worst possible scenario for my kids and assume it's going to happen... so when I think of jumping off of cliffs into water, of course I'm expecting someone to end up paralyzed from hitting an underwater rock. Fun? Not really...But I took a deep breath and let my boys jump. This jump Kyler is taking here is about a 30 foot drop.No one ended up paralyzed. And I ended up having fun because it was so cool to watch my boys being boys. Their screams of pleasure were enough to make anyone smile. Crazy kids.And then we picked blackberries. Lots and lots and lots of blackberries along the railroad tracks that led to the swimming hole. I'm a berry picking machine... picking berries is fun.

Day twelve - we went to Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach... which in and of itself is fun. Exploring the tide pools, seeing the birds in their nests in this wonderful sanctuary... but the real fun came when I jumped on Asia's back and went for a piggyback ride. When's the last time you had a piggyback ride?
Piggyback rides are fun.

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