Friday, August 06, 2010

31 days of fun - days five and six

Traveling isn't super condusive to posting... and vacation makes it hard to want to blog, so here's a quick recap of the last two days of fun.

Yesterday was spent packing and driving from Spokane to Vancouver, Washington.

Not really fun, by most standards, except that road trips really are fun. I LOVE the uninterrupted time in the car with Asia. We always have great conversations. And good music. And laughter. The kids are old enough that they keep themselves occupied... and they've gotten so used to LONG hours in the car... pretty much anytime we go anywhere from Spokane it's at least three hours - (and that feels like a super short trip.) Our normal trip is six hours, and it's not unusual to do eight.

So day five's fun was our road trip. It works for me.

Today is day six.

We spent last night with some old friends and had a leisurely breakfast with them... good to see them, good to visit, good to eat yummy food with them. The kids slept outside in tents and were asleep for a long time so we had a nice long visit.

Then we drove to Manzanita... went to the beach, hung out on the front patio together with my brother and his wife and family, walked to the farmer's market, ate a wonderful dinner and played a game together. What about that day wasn't fun?

(Having fun on vacation is going to be a breeze.)

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