Tuesday, August 10, 2010

31 days of fun - days nine and ten

So day nine... no pictures. There are pictures out there, but I didn't take any on my camera. And here's why: I was the creator and administrator of the second Carson/Goins family Amazing Manzanita Race.

Basically, I created a scavenger hunt in and around town for our families to do together, which included some video making and photo opportunities like singing the Star Spangled Banner on the beach and finding lots of little landmarks around town. My brother created one a couple of years ago so I thought I'd revive the tradition. It was lots of fun to come up with clues and then see the results. Scavenger hunts are FUN.

Today, Day Ten - we all drove down to Pacific City to hike the dune at Cape Kiwanda... this HUMUNGOUS sand dune is an incredible hike... straight up. The only way to get to the top is by taking rest breaks along the way - otherwise you feel like your heart is going to pump right out of your chest.Even Kyler, who's in the best physical condition of everyone it the family needed to rest. It's just STRAIGHT up.Here are a couple of pictures at the top... what a sense of accomplishment to make it up there!And then back at the bottom again... I'm finding that having fun on vacation is pretty easy... my challenge is going to be next week when the kids are staying at Grandma's and I'm back home again... but for now - I'm having lots of fun and not really having to work too terribly hard at it!


  1. How weird if we had run into u guys. We were there last th and Friday!

  2. Now that looks incredible!

    Next week while the kids are at grandma's is a great chance for some grown up mommy fun! :) You and Asia, you and Gracie, you alone. I know you can do it!


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