Monday, August 16, 2010

31 days of fun - days thirteen, fourteen and fifteen

Day thirteen - the day we left the beach... we were packing up and getting ready to drop the kids off with my parents for a week at Grandma and Grandpa's house... but before we left I had to get the 'cousin picture.'

We've been meeting my brother Steve and his family at this beach house since 2001... this year was our tenth year in Manzanita with them. And every year, we've taken a picture of the cousins at this beach marker - beach access #12. They begrudgingly came down to the beach so I could take the picture... I heard "But we already got some good cousin pictures this week..." on the walk down. But I was not swayed. I LOVE tradition - and I know I would really regret it if we let it slide one year.

Traditions are fun. And taking the cousin picture at post #12 is fun.

Day fourteen - I got up early (after driving 8 hours the day before back to Spokane from the beach) and met my girlfriend Paige for a road trip to Whitefish, Montana to attend our dear friend Rob's wedding. Paige, Rob and I were all interns together at the church last year. The road trip was a blast, the wedding was AMAZING, and the conversation with Paige was awesome. It was a fun day. Chalk up another 8 hours in the car... but it was worth it. Yay for Rob and Shelby and beautiful weddings!

Day fifteen - Asia and I drove to Coeur D'Alene for a late afternoon walk along the boardwalk and through the park and dinner at our favorite restaurant, Bardenay. It was a HOT day... which Asia loves... and I tolerate. But the nice quiet time together was great. I sure love him. Spending time with my favorite person in the world is always fun.

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