Sunday, August 01, 2010

31 days of fun

The other day Asia kept texting me from work, giving me ideas for my FUN experiment... and one of his texts said "What about photography? You think that's fun..."

And I had to pause... "Oh yeah. Photography." I thought to myself.

I texted him back "I don't think I've taken a picture all summer long..."

So this weekend I got the camera out... we were in Leavenworth with our dear friends David and Brynn, spending one last extended chunk of time with them before they move to Northern Ireland...

We took a walk together and I asked David first of all to take some pictures of our family... it's been ages since we had some good ones taken.

Then I got the camera back and took a few shots while we were talking on the deck...

My fifteen year old boy/man...

My soul mate/partner/best friend/love.

And then when we got home and I was puttering in the back yard I decided to take some shots of my cherry tomatoes (yellow ones this year!)
I like taking pictures.
It's fun.

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  1. I saved my pennies, worked two jobs for a few months and finally treated myself to a new Nikon. I have been totally in love all summer. Taking pictures mostly of my kids and flowers, and the kids tease me about taking pictures of my flowers. And my dying garden...and... tteeheee.....I am slowly discovering part of dealing with the kids growing away from me, is teaching myself to make my own fun again. Things I used to enjoy before my life was consumed by diapers and other people's needs. :) The process is not an easy one though. What is next on your fun list!?


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