Friday, September 03, 2010

First day of school 2010

Off they go...

Our second year with one in highschool, one in junior high and one in elementary school...

Love these kids.


  1. Proud Grandma : )11:37 AM

    Pretty classy new school clothes : )
    They are all so sweet !! LOVE IT !

  2. They look way too old to be your kids. Aren't we, like, 16? Sheesh!

  3. I just realized how long I have been following your blog when I could say, "wow, they are getting so grown looking!" - :) My daughter also walks past as I am looking at the pictures, and say, "who's the cute boy?" - and was very disappointed to find out he lives on the other coast!

    Everyone is looking good!


I love it when people talk back...