Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday. Random.

  • I actually read a fiction book over the past week. I hated it. I mean - I loved it for the first half and then it just kept getting more and more ridiculous. The author left about a million questions unanswered in the most smarmy 'love conquers all' way. THIS is why I don't waste my time with fiction. Argh. For those of you who are wondering it was called "Sundays at Tiffanys". I highly don't recommend it.
  • I have about three million things to do today.
  • Asia's been gone this week... he's on a review team (like his old job) for a federal review of Washington. It's what he did when he flew to Kentucky last year. It means LONG days for him. He comes home tonight.
  • I got my manual for being the team leader for our trip to Sierra Leone in the mail on Monday. I'm SO at peace about the whole thing. If feels VERY good to actually have it on the calendar. Instead of saying "Someday we want to take the kids to see Tejan" I get to say "We're going to see him next July." Awesome.
  • People keep asking us about $$$ for the trip. We estimate it will cost us around $15,000. Yikes!!! We've been saving, but we don't have anywhere near that dollar amount. We'll begin fundraising in November with a bake sale at church. Our church LOVES bakes sales... lots of hungry college students! I'm actually really excited to see how God provides. It will be such a good experience for the kids. I'm praying about what kind of radical things we can do as a family (think: simple Christmas) to teach them about sacrificially giving to something you believe in.
  • I'm doing another sale this fall - the Palouse Trading Co. fall market... SO many projects in my mind that I haven't had time to dive into. Saturday is blocked out to work all day in my studio... excited to see what comes of that! Hoping to make some good $$$ selling lots of little lovelies.
  • Our grass is dead. D.E.A.D. We made a conscious decision not to water this year. Mostly because I think it's ridiculous to spray gallons and gallons of water on my grass just so it's green. After being in Sierra Leone and watching people carry their water for miles, I just can't do it. It's amazing how much this bothers other people. I can't tell you how many people just cannot fathom that we consciously choose not to water our lawn. It's like we have two heads when we explain ourselves. Really? Is it that important to have green grass? Sorry. I can't do it. (I think the straw color is kind of pretty, but I'm weird that way.)
  • Cool and rainy today after a lovely warm start to the week. I love fall weather.

Happy Thursday... thanks for stopping by.


  1. I really respect your no-watering decision, yet I'm sure it's made plenty of people squirm. (Especially your neighbors?) I can imagine how seeing people struggle for clean water firsthand could make the thought of watering grass seem like one of the most ludicrous and wasteful acts we could do.

    What kinds of things will you be selling at the market? Furniture? Home decor? Paper crafts?

    P.S. Your first mistake in giving fiction another go was in choosing a James Patterson book. ;) If you ever think you want to try again, as me for a recommendation. :)

  2. Um, or you could ASK me. :)

  3. I refuse to water our grass too, for the very same reasons.It is grass. It will never ever truly die. It will grow back and you know, we won't shrivel along with it now will we? How can I justify all that waste just so it looks like a country club in front of our house? Nope. Can't do it. I do however water my flowers and vegetables, but not enough. The money will come for you. I know it.

  4. Cathy I am so in awe of the way you think. I am reminded daily how vain and selfish I can be. Thank you for sharing your perspective, for the record I didn't notice your yard till I read this post and thought back and went oh yah maybe it was a tad dry!

  5. Well, I understand your view about not watering, but I also understand that your neighbors have to look at your yard. So maybe you could go with some sort of Japanese-zen-rock sort of landscaping. Pretty. Low-maintenance. No water. Or perhaps a SW desert garden. :)


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