Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday seven

  1. Heat wave! I've been holding out for one last summer hurrah and it finally arrived! We had weather in the upper 70's over the weekend and it's supposed to be 82 today... I had to dig some summer clothes out of the basement... I'd already done the summer/winter wardrobe switch!
  2. Kyler placed fifth in his invitational race last Saturday... His team had 7 runners in the top ten... they're ROCKIN' it this year! Go Tigers!!! There were over 200 runners in the JV race, so I'm pretty stinkin' proud of a fifth place finish.
  3. Sometimes when I go to take pictures off my memory card, I find weird stuff that the kids have done... case in point:
  4. See that hat E. is wearing above? He's been wearing it non-stop for about three years. It's currently missing in action... and I have one devastated ten-year-old. Hope we can find it... makes me sad to lose it too - it's been such a big part of his life for so long, it's like losing an old friend.
  5. Last week was the culmination of every back-to-school, fall start-up event... I was out every single night doing something. This week I finally feel like I've figured out my fall schedule and am settling into a groove... took me awhile, but I think I'm there.
  6. Kyler has a Girl. Friend. He's completely enamored. And it appears that she's likin' on him too. Amazing. And scary. And fun. He's SO cute - totally overthinking the whole thing, asking for lots of guidance and advice and being VERY cautious and thoughtful. He asked her to his homecoming dance yesterday (rose in hand) and she said yes! Enter a new phase of parenting as we walk through his first real 'relationship'... They're 'just friends' for now... but he's got it bad.
  7. I had been sitting five to seven pounds above my goal weight all summer and finally got back down to where I feel best... amazing how much of a difference it makes. Everything fits just right... thankful for the tools to be where I feel my best.

Seven's going to have do be it today... it's time to get the kids out the door and leave for work!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. Love the new blog look. :) I can feel the crisp in the air.

    My daughter has been "dating" for a while now, and the difference between boys and girls is so evident in this area! Plus, my daughter insists on dating what I will call "fixer uppers" - less than desirable home situations, no manners...and she is exactly the opposite. Drives me crazy! Of course no one will ever be good enough for her.....this whole dating thing is an interesting aspect of parenting. Can't wait to hear more stories. :)

  2. Yup....we tell people in Diabetes Ed that for every one pound you lose, you take off 4 pounds of pressure from your knees. So imagine if you lose 5 pounds, you've taken 20 pounds of pressure off your knees. :)

  3. Ethan lost his hat.....thats SAD! Will pray he finds it!


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