Sunday, October 17, 2010


 I had one very nervous boy on my hands yesterday afternoon. On the drive down the hill to pick Emma up, there was much discussion about how and when to give her the corsage... "Do I hand it to her immediately when she opens the door? Do I wait until she comes out? Will she invite me in?" So many questions...
 And then she wasn't quite ready... so the anticipation grew...
 But eventually she came out (beautiful!) and he managed to fumble and get the box open... all was good.
 At first they were a little akward...
 But then they started to relax and remember what good friends they are...

It was an 'epic-ly epic' night, according to Kyler's Facebook status.

I'm so glad he had so much fun...

They went to a friend's house before the dance where there were some kids who weren't going to the dance and a few that were... the moms worked together to make them all dinner - pulled pork sandwiches with homemade onion rings... salads and fruit and chips and soda... Kyler managed to eat it all without spilling on his clothes.

Then I took them to the dance.

Then they all came here and watched High School Musical.

Asia and I were in the kitchen laughing... how many teenagers sit in a living room singing Disney movies at the top of their lungs after homecoming? So cute. It was quite the chorus with Kyler, Emma, their double dates, Savannah and Ethan all singing away...

Parenting is such a pleasure sometimes... last night was for sure one of those nights.


  1. aaa.... sweetness.
    We seem to have a fondness for Disney here too.. particularly Monsters, Inc. :)

    (and LOVE the shoes!... Kyler's I mean)

  2. Lorraine1:51 PM

    Sounds like a successful major event for Kyler. I'm happy for him. :)

  3. SO sweet! LOVE that it was epicly epic!!

    who's mom makes pulled pork before homecoming? GLAD they didn't spill...I am a klutz...I would have been ruined!

  4. what a wonderful memory for them and you! They are a cute couple. I also love to look at my daughter's Facebook status and see how she describes an event. What I love the most is that she often chooses a family picture for her profile! ;)


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