Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spaghetti Feed!

Every night before a race, the parents of the cross country runners at Kyler's high school host a spaghetti feed...

I had helped at one last year, and decided this year to take the plunge and host one.

So I recruited helpers, cooked up 10 pounds of spaghetti, borrowed LOTS of tables and chairs and made a big pot of sauce. My friends Julie and Michelle were my helpers and they both brought food as well.

And then they started showing up... two boys at first, then a few girls, then a larger group of boys... and before long I had 60 teenagers in my backyard. They are all supposed to bring food to contribute... we had lots of bread, some veggies, fruits, and salads, desserts, drinks, and plates and plates full of spaghetti. They ate. And ate. And ate.They were so kind and appreciative. What a great group of kids. Even the little brothers got in on the action...

I can't wait to host again next year.

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