Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5:22 am

Life has been happening at such a breakneck pace here lately. I've wanted the time to sit and blog and barely am managing to get the bare necessities done... but this morning I woke up earlier than I'd planned to and figured it was a chance to enjoy some time for quiet reflection and a little blog action.

Asia and I have been experiencing a fairly high level of stress... lots going on in the lives of the people we love - and it's weighing heavily on us. We have several friends whose marriages are at a crisis point. Family members who are struggling to make good choices. Potential lay-offs for Asia at work (not for him, but for employees on his team that he would have to let go.) Forced fulough days for Asia - reducing his income. It's felt like a lot. We're both pretty exhausted.

And then, last Friday, a dear friend suffered a major heart attack. And we jumped into 'help' mode, doing everything we could to make sure her family was taken care of and they had what they needed. God is sovereign - and what could have been a tragic event was instead a series of God-orchestrated timing and response and our friend is going to be fine. But still, the stress level around here was off the charts for a bit.

So here's the deal. Life is just hard sometimes. And sometimes it's more bitter than sweet. But then it's not - because even in all the hard - there's this underlying Peace. And a knowledge that there's something more. And that the opportunity to hold someone - whether it's in prayer - or physically in an embrace - or in your heart as you carry the weight of their situations - is a HUGE privilege.

So while I'm exhausted this week and a little stressed about cooking Thanksgiving for 18 people (because we added our friends and their extended family so she wouldn't be tempted to host less than a week after having a heart attack) - I'm revelling in the mystery that is life. Loving God in his infinite wisdom. Praising Him for his protection. Cherishing the precious people God has placed in my life.

There have been lots of tears around here lately. Tears that flow when I realize what could have happened. Tears for people who are hurting. Tears when the heaviness of it all just needs to overflow so I don't explode. But I love tears. They are God's grace. I learned that awhile ago and I cherish their cleansing flow.

So there's where my mind sits these days.

Love you all.
Thanks for continuing to visit what has become a farily inactive blog.
I appreciate that you listen when I write. I think I have the best blog audience anyone could ask for.



  1. Good reminders.
    Prayers and hugs! :)

  2. Prayers for you dear friend. Praying all things settle down and peace comes in the new year.

  3. You are an amazing woman, Cathy. I love catching up here and love that how your heart holds the love for others- and serves them. God bless you and your family this Thanksgiving day.


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