Monday, November 15, 2010

Icicle Ridge

We spent the weekend in Leavenworth... it was our (almost) annual trip to the Burke Cabin for Savannah's birthday... we're fortunate that her birthday is on Veteran's Day - so it's always a holiday. We've been blessed to be able to use our dear friends' cabin every year since 2005 to hang out for the long weekend.

We decided to hike Icicle Ridge on Saturday... we love hiking and find it a great way to get out and move without spending money! It was a pretty rigorous hike - full of long switchbacks that led to a spectacular view of Leavenworth.

Oh - how I love the Pacific Northwest... and this family.

We discovered this little friend poking out of one of the trees at the top... isn't he creepy?


  1. Awesome family shot! LOVE the views. seeing the PNW is on my bucket list. :)

  2. Lorraine4:21 PM

    Love the family photo. Perfect.


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