Monday, November 01, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - Monday evening edition

  1. Things seem to be settling down here a bit... Kyler is officially done competing for the year but continues to travel and train with the varsity runners who are headed to state this weekend... coach picked his top five JV runners to do this, since they will be running varsity next year. Last weekend they were in Wenatchee for regionals and this weekend they head to Tri-Cities for the state competition.
  2. Kyler finished the season with an amazing 17:28 5K finish at the All-City competition. He took 28 seconds off his previous PR for that distance... it was a great finish for him. It was crazy wet and gloomy that day... in fact, he slipped in the mud and fell at the finish line. He was covered in it - but he didn't seem to mind.
  3. Savannah has started volleyball. End one season - start another!
  4. Speaking of Savannah - last week in P.E. class, she managed to smash her thumb between a 12 pound medicine ball that had just been thrown to her and a concrete wall... her whole thumbnail is black and her poor thumb is still swollen a week later. I didn't know it, but apparently we should have taken her in and had the blood drained from under her nail... oops. Now I guess it's too late. Poor thing. She'll be losing the nail for sure.
  5. Ethan dressed up in my old cheerleading uniform for halloween... gotta love a fifth grade boy who thinks that's fun!
  6. I was in charge of an event for Weight Watchers a couple of weeks ago that ended up being a screaming success... it was a holiday open house - and it was standing room only. I was so thrilled with the response.
  7. I'm baking up a storm this week to get ready for a bake sale at church this Sunday to kick off our fundraising for our trip to Sierra Leone next summer. We'll be sharing about our story - about why we're going - inviting people to join us - and selling yummy food to (hopefully) hungry college students!
  8. I'll be launching the official 'Goins to Sierra Leone" blog on Sunday as well - watch for it!
  9. (How lucky is it that our last name is Goins? Pretty catchy, eh?)
  10. Time to go get my ballot out and vote. My father in law is running for State Senate in California... can't wait to hear the results of his race. He's so brave (and a little crazy) but for sure passionate about change... I wonder if he'll ever slow down...
Happy Tuesday, friends. Smooches!

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  1. Hmm, I always pronounced your last name in my head as Goins with an/oy/ like "boy"- who knew! Good luck with the bake sale, Cathy! You're such a cool lady :)


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