Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Ethan turned eleven yesterday.
How is it possible that it's been eleven years since I had my last baby? (And what a happy baby he was...)

Unfortunately, he had to stay home from school because he'd had a fever Sunday night... but it worked out well for him because Asia was home from work and got to take him to a movie (Megamind 3D) midday... E. is the only one of our kids who normally has to attend school on his birthday... so it was fun for him (and he was feeling so much better) to have the 'day off.'

We had a sweet little family party after I got home from work... I asked him if he wanted to invite a friend over to share the cake and he said "I just want it to be our family..."

He scored a new Kendama from his brother and sister, a new Wii game, a new nutcracker for his collection, and a couple of movies. The big daddy of all his presents was a treasure hunt that sent him all over, finding 12 different Lego sets I'd bought last summer at a garage sale...

Asia and I spent a few minutes looking up all the sets he got on Amazon and discovered that I had gotten $1118 worth of Legos for $27. Wow. That's a good present.
Happy birthday to my sweet baby boy.

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