Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday morning thoughts...

  • Haven't been blogging lots lately... winter seems a quiet season. Not a lot of interesting or exciting things happening - each week feels so similar to the last.
  • I've modified my walking resolution for this year and instead have decided to log at least 500 miles of activity this year. That means I can take a day off here and there, but that on the days I DO move, I have to move considerably more than I did when I was simply walking every day with no distance requirements. I have to log about 9.5 miles a week to get my 500 miles in. Not a ton, but certainly something I have to stay on top of. I don't want to get to July and only have 100 miles done... then I'd be in big trouble.
  • I'm pushing myself and actually starting to run. I want to run a 5K this year. I've always hated running, but for some reason feel compelled to do it this year. I ran a full 3 miles without stopping earlier this week. And I didn't die! Who knew?
  • Kyler turned 16 last month, which has lots of people asking if he's driving yet. The short answer would be no. The long answer is that he has very little interest in driving... hasn't even asked if he can go take his learner's permit test. Add to that the fact that he can't get his license without taking driver's ed and that our paying for driver's ed is linked to his grades, and, well, yeah... I don't see it happening very soon. That darn pre-AP biology class...
  • Savannah, on the other hand, cannot wait to drive and is already counting down the days until she's fifteen and can go get her permit.
  • Looks like I may actually be adding a second day off to my week soon. I've been working six days a week since early October. My Thursday At Work meeting will most likely not be renewing - which would give me an actual whole day in the middle of the week when I don't have to work. The nice thing is that I'll be adding a new At Work meeting on Tuesdays, which is a day I'm already working so I'll have the same number of meetings with one less work day. Seven meetings in five days is so much nicer than seven in six days. Having only Saturdays off has been a killer for me.
  • Speaking of meetings, this January has been AMAZING for Weight Watchers. My meetings are huge right now - WAY bigger than last January. The new Points Plus program is really bringing lots of people in. I have two meetings that are running over 50 people every week. I get paid more for high attendance so my paychecks have been nice and fat... makes saving for the trip even easier!
  • I'm taking the kids down Monday to apply for their passports.
  • I've been pondering friendship a lot lately. Specifically, my lack of friendships with women. I've really spent the majority of my adult life with very few deep, consistant woman friends. I expect I'll be writing a post about this soon... it's a topic that's hard for me, but one I'm willing to wrestle with and write about because it's a tension I live with a lot. I don't think I'm a very good friend... and have felt compelled to pray through that and be stretched a bit in that area. Scary.
  • I'm sick and tired of fighting my grey hair but totally not ready to go au naturel... Grrrr. It's so wiry and ugly and defiant. I refuse to let it win. Must get to the store for another box of dye...


  1. I think you are a very good friend... consistent, kind, and loving.
    Just wish we lived close enough for a chance to eat some fruit together.. or go for a walk.
    I like your idea of tracking total amount of walking.
    I'm aiming for averaging 10,000 steps a day.
    WW has been crazy busy here too.

  2. Yeah a post! I have been missing you!! I amazingly posted a "frozen winter" type of post just now. There is a glaring absence of photos in my January folders. I am just not all about the cold, gray, white, bland season. We are not snow lovers, therefore do very little in January, pretty much act like sloths. Things have been stressful here as well, so even worse this January. ::applauding::: you for running! I tried again last year to train to run a 5K that I walk every year, but my hip would not tolerate it, I plan to try again this year!
    I can't believe the kids can get their permits at 15 there! 16 is too young if you ask me! My daughter just got hers, also dependent on grades, and it is a task that is more challenging than I though. *I* am most certainly not going to be the first to take her on a highway merge! I am also again embarking on taking off 20 lbs that I put back on since the fall. I was so successful losing in 2009, I need to get back on top of it. I wish you could be my WW leader!!
    Happy winter dear "friend" - wish we were closer.

  3. Good for you for running, Cathy! Although, walking every day is very good, too. Just keep moving, right?

    You touched on adult woman friendships, which is close to my heart. I am curious what you have to say, Cathy. I soak your words up, you know. I appreciate your transparency.

    Hello, last year, grey hair started sprouting in one concentrated area... I used to dye my hair for fun, now it's a necessity.

  4. thank you for being willing to write about women & friendships...I struggle with this continually...either friends who have moved away or just a general lack of "real" friends...

    I love your writing...xo

  5. I'm on the friend train too, or the "not good with friendships" train? I look forward to your thoughts about it.

    I do have to say that there have been times when you have commented on my blog, or facebook that really encouraged me and even brought tears to my eyes and I have appreciated it so much. So you may be wrong about what kind of friend you are...just sayin'.

    I like your new blue blog. Very pretty. I *love* your crafty mondays! What did you make today??

    I always leave your blog feeling encouraged and challenged and inspired. It's nice. :)



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