Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Creativity Monday - Week #7

I'm designing cards for a fundraising card class/kit sale... so I spent yesterday working with this lovely Crate Paper line...

I'm going to make as many cards as I can from the supplies I have kitted... yesterday I only had time for these six cards, but I've got LOTS of supplies leftover so I'm hoping I can come up with at least 15 cards for each kit. Then I'll create instructions for all the cards and have a class here for local people... and sell kits to anyone from far away who wants them.

I only have enough supplies for ten kits total...

Hopefully I can sell them all.

This is one of two card classes I'm planning - the next one will be cards from three different Scenic Route lines.

I'll be sure to post when I have all the cards finished and give information about signing up for a class/kit!


  1. They are beautiful as usual Cathy.
    I love them

  2. I'm excited to hear this! I have missed making your cards :)

  3. OOh, these make me so happy, Cathy! Love the orange.. in fact, I love that blog you linked up to a couple of weeks ago, too... Orangealicious or something??! hee-hee.


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