Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Musings

Tuesday Tens just aren't happening lately. I've added a second Tuesday meeting and Kyler is back to leaving by 6:30 for morning runs... somehow those two things eat up my typical blogging times and I can't ever seem to get a Tuesday post in. So I think Monday will be the day from now on for my random, numbered posts...
  1. I just signed up for my first 5K race. I'm excited to be participating in the Eastern Washington Race for the Cure on April 17th. I've been training and have run several 5K training runs already... with my best time so far being 34:02. I'm loving running with my Nike Plus shoes and ipod... it tracks all my distances and times and personal bests. So fun!
  2. Work has been insane... Weight Watchers has been overwhelmed with the response to our new Points Plus program. My meetings are bigger than ever. I love being able to introduce so many people to this healthy way of life. It's such a privilege to walk alongside people as they make the necessary changes for healthy weight loss and maintenance. I LOVE my job!
  3. I've got some schedule changes coming up with work, which will include taking on two Saturday morning meetings. Excited for the challenge of working these - they're back-to-back meetings that are typically large, high-energy meetings.
  4. Yes - Saturday morning meetings. Which will mean no early morning garage sales for me on Saturdays. I've consoled myself with the fact that I can still garage sale on Fridays and that I'll be done working by 10:00 - so I can still hit some sales late in the morning.
  5. Ethan is a busy little boy these days, with wrestling practice starting up this week, variety show rehearsals every Thursday morning, Math is Cool competition practice on Friday mornings and school chorus rehearsals starting soon. Why does everything he likes to do fall into the same two month period? Good thing it's a quiet time for the other two kids... it's great to only have one kid super busy at once!
  6. Savannah registers for her high school courses next week. She gets to take an accelerated 2nd/3rd year Spanish course her freshman year because she's been taking Spanish 1 this year... it'll be so cool for her to be able to finish 4 years of language by the end of her sophomore year. She LOVES Spanish and is saying right now that she wants to major in it in college and be a high school Spanish teacher.
  7. Can I just say that I can't believe I'm going to have two high schoolers next year?
  8. Things are going well for our plans for our trip. We will apply for the kids' passports on Friday and have a team of 11 people total taking the trip. The next big step will be buying our plane tickets - which should happen in the next month or so. We've had some people donate airline miles, which hopefully will help cut down on the biggest expense of the trip.
  9. Asia took me to the Davenport Hotel overnight last weekend for my birthday. Part of our package deal included $100 worth of dining credit in any of the hotel eateries. We had dinner Friday night in one of the restaurants, but because we're typically pretty frugal eater-outers, we had loads of money left on our credit after our dinner. What else could we do, but order $66 worth of room service for breakfast? Can you believe that? It was insane for this coupon-cutting frugal chick. Insane, but really fun, and a huge treat.
  10. No, I haven't forgotten about Creativity Monday. Watch for that post later!
Happy Monday, friends! Smooch you all...

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  1. Love hearing about your kids. And Ethan is a live wire. Especially after hitting the big "1-oh".


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